NewsCore v1.6.0 – A Blog, Magazine and News Theme for WP
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NewsCore v1.6.0 – A Blog, Magazine and News Theme for WP
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NewsCore is powerful multipurpose WordPress theme for content heavy websites such newspaper, news, magazine, publishing, community and review sites. NewsCore includes exclusive features such a beautiful blog/article layout with well placed ad spaces that will make your visitors want more. It includes a video manager, that pulls content from various sources such as Youtube and Vimeo, a review system, a layout builder for creating unique homepage layouts and various layouts for post categories.
2015-01-12 | NewsCore 1.6.0
NEW FEATURE CORE: Ajax Cart Update.
NEW FEATURE CORE: Ajax Wishlist Update.
NEW FEATURE CORE: Blog element supports offsets.
NEW FEATURE : Video Central Megamenu support.
NEW FEATURE : Select what meta data to display in single post view.
NEW FEATURE : Select whether to display dates in the buzz widget.
NEW FEATURE : Display red background in buzz widget using a checkbox instead of a custom class .
NEW FEATURE : Disable loading bar (pace)
NEW FEATURE : “View All” in category layout builder element.
NEW FEATURE : Titles in video central element.
NEW FEATURE : Add Header and Footer Scripts using theme options.

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