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Start Your Own Marketplace or digital store with Squarecode and Easy Digital Downloads

This hand crafted, bloat-free, theme was built specifically for you to open your own marketplace online at a very low cost. Utilizing the power of the FREE and very popular Easy Digital Downloads plugin, you can sell anything digital including items such as videos, music, digital art such as icons, filters, templates, themes, or photos etc.

You only need the FREE Easy Digital Downloads plugin to power your own store but you can expand to include Front End Submissions (multiple authors selling products, like ThemeForest), reviews or physical goods using the low cost paid plugin options.

EDD Wish Lists Support

SquareCode supports EDD Wish Lists add-on. Give your customers the ability to save and share their favorite products on your site with the EDD Wish Lists add-on. Increase your sales by giving potential buyers a great user experience – a pressure-free way to save products to review later or share with their friends and family.

FES (Front End Submissions) Support Added

We have now (Aug 7th update) included full support for the Front End Submissions add-on for Easy Digital Downloads which means now you can run a full multi-author marketplace where authors can sign up to your website and upload products for sale. This includes then having their own unique store front, special store header banner, buyers can contact the author via their store page and more.

Single or multiple author products

With full support for the Easy Digital Downloads add-on ‘Front End Submissions’ you can power your site via multiple authors. Each author can join, upload for review their products, setup a contact form and bio plus have their own store page with their own header image for branding.

What if I want to sell Services?

There is a 100% FREE add-on for Easy Digital Downloads called Downloads As Services that removes the notice of no-downloads after checkout resulting in an order being received and no download being offered or message, exactly what you need for selling services.

What if I want to sell physical goods?

No problem as there is a very affordable add-on for Easy Digital Downloads called Simple Shipping that allows you to collect shipping information for physical products.

If I run a multi-author marketplace how do I pay them and split earnings?

Easy Digital Downloads has you covered by using Commissions add-on you can set your commissions split on every item sold.

Make it yours via customization

Easily change all the colors of all the sections including header, footer, CTA areas, breadcrumb etc. via image uploads and/or color pickers in the easy to use theme options panel. Support for the WordPress customizer is also included.

Boxed and Full Width Versions

Quickly toggle the format of all your website by choosing full-width or boxed version layouts via the theme options panel – super quick and easy.

Multi-Language and Translatable

We include support for WPML and also include mo/po files for local translation.

Video and Audio

Display your amazing work via fully responsive, color coordinated (can be altered in the theme options) players using the built-in functions of WordPress. Display each track and video in an elegant and easy to use format anywhere on your blog, pages or digital item sales pages!

Not just a Marketplace

We also include, via our free and popular plugins, the ability to display staff profiles, portfolio section with individual project pages, and careers including display via categories. A full blog section with support for WordPress post formats is included in the main theme and a whole bunch of templates that include right sidebar and fullwidth and many automatic templates such as 404 error, site map etc.


Every detailed has been poured over and tested to ensure that the flow of your selling pages is optimized. You can search or filter your digital products store, create category specific pages for digital items (photos, videos, icons etc.). A common menu system across all devices provides a cohesive experience. White spacing adds impact to sections, block quotes stand out to maximize their impact, buttons have great spacing and even file information for sale items is neatly arranged and yet flexible for different file types.

Dedicated Home Page

The dedicated home page has an easy to use slider that will accept ANY content, video, HTML, Text or images and even short codes. It also automatically displays 3 Featured (set via a category) products and then 9 latest products. The rest of the page is any content you wish, in our example I display some fancy block quotes in a carousel, 2 pricing tables and some benefit breakdowns. This could be anything you wish however.


We don’t build on a framework of multiple CSS files that are frustrating and bloated. We write each line of CSS and code in our themes, which means they are easier to edit and customize, load quicker and produce less strain on your server and provide better experience for you and your visitors.

6 Months of Free Support

We offer a full 6 months of support from date of purchase. Our support is limited to updates, bugs and installation issues but not customization or installing the theme for you. These optional extras are available at a cost.
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