Traveler - Multipurpose Booking Template

by graphicx - 30-06-2015, 08:54 AM
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Posted: 30-06-2015, 08:54 AM
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After deep research on the most popular travel booking websites such as, tripadvisor, yahoo travel, expedia, priceline,, travelocity, kayak, orbitz and etc, traveler HTML/CSS template was created. . All the benefits from most popular online booking services and a usable and eye catching design.

Main features

Modern, clear, and crisp design
Enchanced user experience and usability
Tons of animation features
Precise information architecture based on most popular travel websites
Working autocomplete form with imported all world cities database
Boxed and wide layout with background image and pattern options
15 predefined color schemes
8 mind blow unique homepages
extendable background areas
bootstrap 3 based
lastest fontawesome icon font integrated
tons of icon features and animation effects
huge amount of elements including redesigned bootstrap 3 elements
custom icomoon font
multiple layouts for details/search/payment/results pages
hotels/flights/vacation rentlas/rental cars/activities support
100+ html files
fully featured form elements with most unique features and animation effects
fully responsive

Version 1.1 update

- Add: Gallery pages
- Fixed: Mobile footer
- Fixed: Homepage layout 1 (responsive)
- Fixed: Homepage layout 2 (responsive)
- Fixed: Homepage layout 3 (responsive)
- Fixed: Homepage layout 4 (responsive)
- Fixed: Homepage layout 6 (responsive)
- Fixed: Payment pages spacings
- Add: Global search area on header
- Fixed: responsive parallax backgrounds
- Add: Forms autocomplete with real cities database

Version 1.1


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