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Thread Modes DDOS Methods Explained
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Joomla - Like XMLRPC, Joomla uses a vulnerable site exploit called joomla to amplify the attack. So obviously this attack method is good and very strong against websites. Also like XMLRPC Joomla is a layer 7 attack method.

SSDP - Consists of many reflectors and uses an exploit configuration weaknesses in servers and is very powerful and on the rise, It is recorded that around 42% of all attacks are over 10Gbps using this attack method. So if it's available it worth considering to use.

UDP- UDP ( User datagram protocol) is a simple attack where multiple UDP packets are crafted and sent to a target, the UDP packets are usually large sizes so can do a bit of damage but UDP packets can be filtered and discarded so it is possible to avoid this attack, if you plan to try take down simple home connection UDP can do that with no fuss.

UPD-lag- This involves the same methods and protocols as UDP but as i said the packets are usually a large size UDP-lag has small packets which are designed to only lag the target, this works great on home connection and trying to slow the network down to little resources, but be careful as on small home connections it well take it down.

DNS Amplification – DNS can increase the size of the normal UDP packets from around 40 bytes to above the maximum-packet size of 4000 byte. The other great thing about this attack method is that its very hard to protect against as explained the data comes from legit servers that have valid users.

CHARGEN – CHARGEN is old and still commonly used DDos attack method its alot like DNS and spoofs the IP so that the request can be accepted, CHARGEN attack causes a loop from the target to the host taking the network down, although CHARGEN isn’t the strongest out there it is still dam strong for what it does.

is a very strong spoofed attack method which like DNS uses servers to spoof the IP and send out information to a target and is a greatly used attack method know for its simplicity and strength. SNMP only sends out little data but the data can be amplified to 25 times larger than what was sent, SNMP if good for testing them big networks!

XMLRPC- Is a good attack method for websites that uses a wordpress exploit to amplify the attack and cause some real damage. Although the exploit used to amplify the attack can be patched pretty easy when its not its damage can be done.

NTP – NTP is very strong spoofed attack method that uses servers to send out the data, with attacks reaching 100Gbps+ NTP is big thing to look out for use this attack method to get some real power behind an attack.

ESSYN- SYN uses a TCP protocol and even being used from home connection can be powerful but when used from big servers like stresser services use it gets even better, SYN requests are send to the target and requests for a answer and but no answer is given and the network grinds to a halt , shutting it down.

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