[Tv-Show] The Shannara Chronicles

by etc - 10-01-2016, 05:25 PM
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 - My opinion -

It's a "childish" kind of show can be a bit doll aswell.
But i strongly suggest you to watch this because the story & everything is just amazing.
It's story thingy is that it's being played a couple of thousands of years after humanity was "destroyed".
The idea of elves, gnomes, demons & trolls etc, it's just amazing.

- Show Description

Thousands of years after our civilization's destruction , the Earth is divided in the four countries inhabited by different peoples, elves , dwarves , trolls, elves and humans. In the center we find the Shannara family , whose descendants have mastered the ancient magic and their adventures ever- changing future of the world .

- Show Rating -

8.7/10 accoring to Imdb.com

- Tv Show Free Streaming Link -

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