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[UE4]Advanced RPG Combat Template

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01-05-2022, 12:51 AM
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[Image: advanced-rpg-combat-template.png]

kill System - Three skill levels, beginner, intermediate, expert. Each level has it's own anim montages, play rates, combos. Beginner fighters can only use one attack, while intermediate and expert fighters have almost Infinite combo variations.
Faction System - Three Factions: Guards, Mercenaries, Templars. Each faction is hostile towards each other, but they won't attack their own.
Different Attack Types Like in Gothic~ There are 4 types of attacks - horizontal left, horizontal right, vertical (combo) attacks, and running attacks.
Complex AI System - 1 AI master actor with 3 Child classes (Templar, Guard, Mercenary) The AI has built in targeting, attacking, dodging, strafing, blocking functions.
Mixamo Supported - You can easily retarget the animations to your own Mixamo skeletons. We'll show you how in our upcoming YouTube playlist.
Multiplayer Networked - The project is networked properly, all clients see exactly the same as the server, and vice versa. Players can cause damage, and kill other players too.
And many more - Blocking system, Block reactions, hit reactions, 5 death animations based on the character's current skill level,Â
If you're interested in the product,get it now for a special price! The cost of the product will increase by $10 with every major update from the development roadmap!

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