Unity3D Racing Game Kit Professional Source Nulled Worth 250$
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Unity3D Racing Game Kit Professional Source Nulled Worth 250$
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Unity3D Racing Game Kit Professional source nulled worth 250$
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Racing Mechanics. Out of the box.
You don't have to worry about racing mechanics anymore. Racing Game Kit is the one of the most complete tool-set for creating racing games for  mobile (iOS and Andorid), desktop and platform (Wii U) with Unity game engine. RGK provides many configurable components for creating really cool racing games, and very quickly! RGK has easy to configure options, customizable GUI and many helper editor components.
No Time Consuming Workflows
With a few clicks you can rig your scene as a race track. Racing Game Kit editors were created for a faster and flawless racing game creation process. Artist friendly inspectors and a organized structure will save your project tons of time for better racing game development experience.With RGK and Unity, racing game development easier then ever
[Image: home_selectgame.png]

Create Races That You Want
Racing Game Kit supports various race types for your projects. Just choose what style of racing you want to create... And you're done! Race Manager handles everything about the race such as the race time, lap times for each racer including the player, and the racer’s distance to the finish line. Racing Game Kit also provides a preconfigured UI component provides this information to your players. With the provided UI interface you can pull off fancy looking UI’s that work with the Race Manager. Currently supporting the following race styles: 

Sprint : Single lap long distance race
Circuit : Multiple laps race
Time Attack : Checkpoint based long distance race hat you've to reach to finish before time up
Lap Knockout: Last placed racer is kicked out on each lap
Speedtrap: Faster racer will win the race! Two options; Total Speed or Fastest Speed
These types are ready to roll. Next updates to RGK will be more race types planned as ;
Time Knockout: Last placed player is kicked out when countdown hits zero..
Rally : Based on World Rally Championship rules
[Image: rgk_ailines.jpg]

Intelligent AI for Better Racing Experience

Racing Game Kit AI is created for a competitive experience with AI and human players. With performance optimized sensors and many configurable AI options, players will have to intelligently out think the AI to beat their opponents. With help from smart waypoints, you can define brake points, best race lines and advantage points for your AI. With Skill, Behavior, and dynamically changing Stress level variables, you can add more challenges and and adjust the smartness for each AI. Also with the added steering and obstacle avoidance mechanics, they will act, overtake or brake just as a human player would.
[Image: home_editors.png]

Improved editors for better development
Another powerful feature of Racing Game Kit is editor tools. Many important component have their own customized editors to understand the component and make configurations easier. 
[Image: componentcloud.jpg]

Not few, many components in a package
Racing Game Kit package contains many components for bring your racing game ideas to life. On every update this components getting improved. Check out the KB center to more detailed component list and their explanations.
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You need http://unity3d.com/for this, have fun with this leak Wink

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RE: Unity3D Racing Game Kit Professional Source Nulled Worth 250$
omg dude thnaks uuuuuu

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