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Unreal Engine Marketplace – Modular Bloated Zombies W/ Dismemberment

Submitted by M1SKONER, , Thread ID: 202478

03-04-2021, 09:06 PM
Over 300,000 unique variations with multiple modular outfits and dismembered limbs for bloated male and female zombies

The beanie from the male can be rescaled to fit the female, and the hair from the female can be rescaled to fit the male for even more variations!

These zombies can be integrated into other marketplace products with minimal skill or effort. Pop into the Discord if you need any assistance setting the zombies up in your project.

Included in this zombie pack, is all the zombie models needed for dismemberment, multiple outfits, gibs for particles/environmental props and blueprint examples.

Basic AI is included
Showcase Blueprint is included to easily dress up and try out different outfit combinations
Outfit and material randomization is included
Randomized facial morph control blueprint is included (this allows the face, mouth and eyes to move randomly to make the zombies feel more unique and alive). Morph controls are not yet included for the male

Technical Details

Disclaimer: Due to a known engine bug in all engine versions , subsurface profiles don't appear correctly with dynamic lighting. This is fixed by disabling exposure in the post-processing or by changing your skylight to stationary. I have provided master materials that do not rely on the subsurface profile so you can use this asset in all scenarios. This issue will be resolved in a later release.

Checkout the documentation if you are interested in further optimizing these models in your project.


3 Showcase Map
1 Realistic Skin Material with Detail Mapped Pores
1 Fabric Master Material
2 Basic Skin/Decal Master Material
1 Hair Master Material
1 LOD Material
4 Skinned Zombie Character Models (13k to 1200 tris) (4 heads, 2 body)
8 Skinned Zombie Limbs for Dismemberment
2 Skinned T-Shirt (2k to 200 tris)
2 Skinned Singlet (1.6k to 160 tris)
1 Skinned Skirt (800 to 80 tris)
1 Skinned Bra (1k to 100 tris)
2 Skinned Pants (2.3k to 230 tris)
1 Hair Model (2.3k tris to 290 tris)
1 Zombie Material Variations
1 Blood Decal (2k res)
1 Animation Blueprint
1 AI Blueprint
1 Dressup Blueprint (Allows you to switch between outfits quickly)
1 Gib Blueprint
1 Dismemberment Blueprint
10 Master Pose Blueprints

Rigged to Epic skeleton: Yes

IK bones are included: Yes

Animated: Yes

Characters: 4

Materials and Instances: 7 Master, 98 instances, 2 material functions

Textures: 257 textures

Resolutions: 4k Textures, 2k Decal, 512 eyes
Asset Details:

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