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Use my Referral Codes to Sign Up for Legal Online Casinos

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09-10-2023, 07:24 AM
Great way to get free, and legal money for Both of Us. If you live in a state where online Gambling is legal, Sign up for DraftKings, Fanduel , Ballys, or Golden Nugget using my Referral and we both get $$ in our Casino Accounts to play with. DM me for Referral codes, im not sharing any links or anything you need to click on. just put my code in when you sign up.

For the Exploiters, And Frauders out there:
If you want to be cheeky and sign up multiple people, use your personal account for referral code and bank all that dough on your personal account. Ohh yeah, if you choose to exploit that shit, first step is posting your referral codes on a public referral site so you can claim ignorance if they look into anything. DM me for detailed full proof tutorial, free of charge. I only ask that you use my Referral to sign up for an account in exchange for my walkthrough.

Just went through a bad breakup with a spiteful ex and lost everything except clothes on my back, shoes on my feet and my sim card. Finally got a burner phone on loan from a friend, popped my sim in and had the wonderful surprise of all of my bank accounts having a balance of $1. I didnt even try to access any of my social media accounts because I know its nothing I am going to want to see. Anyway, not that the worlds tiniest violin is done playing... Take advantage of my misfortune and get yourself some good fortune. See yall on the other side Smile

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