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Middleman Service
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Faded as your middleman

I thought I'd start a middleman service. Not that there are many people getting scammed, but better safe than sorry.
I won't be dealing with Paypal, since it'll put my Paypal at risk, not only yours.

Accepted payment methods currently:

You can also suggest one yourself, but I have to agree with it.

How does it work?

It works like this:

We'll get into a Skype group, all three of us.
Then we'll decide and confirm, the price and that the item(s) are what you both originally agreed on.
If so, the buyer will send me the BTC. I aswell get ownership of example, the account what was promised.
I change the account creds to mine.
When I have received the BTC, I'll hand over the account to the buyer, and transfer over the BTC to the seller.

But how can we trust you?

Honestly, you can't. You can just assume that I'm not going to rip you off.
With 0 scams on record so far, I think you can trust me enough.

In the end, it's your choice to use the service.

How much will you charge?

I won't charge at all, only reason I'm doing this is to keep the forum, and the marketplace safe.

Something to keep in mind

I do this from my free time, so I might not be available all the time.
I can refuse from any deal if I feel like it.
If you want to deal, send me a PM.
I only do deals on Skype, that's the safest option for all of us.
You'll have to consider of transfer fees, that's not my job.


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