Writers Recruitment - February 2016

by Senpai - 16-02-2016, 11:48 PM
Feb 2018
1/2 Year of Service
Posted: 13-03-2018, 07:12 PM
What is you name?

Tom, Thomas, Tomu you choose.

How old are you?


Which country do you live in?


On a scale of 1-10, one being the lowest and 10 being the highest, what are your writing capabilities?

I would have to say about a 6-7.  I've said a 6-7 because of my dyslexia. This effects only my spelling and grammar, not my capabilities to write something interesting. I have always loved writing as I think it's an excellent way to express yourself. Not only with stories but with other forms of writing too. I have got another member of writers who as said that he would read my work before me sending it in so spelling a grammar can be sorted. Not only for the news but as a way to improve my self by seeing where I go the wrong etc. So I would say around 6-7.

Which section(s) of the news do you wish to cover and why.

I would like to cover gaming news. I have loved gaming ever since I saw my dad playing an old F1 game in his office. I have always tried to stay up to date with all the news on different consoles and what is going on in various Esports scenes. I also pretty much love all types of games and genres out there and am always willing to give anything new a try. I would also like to write this section because I would like to pass on my knowledge of topics I find fascinating onto other people and spark conversation and discussion with them. So that's why I would want to write for the gaming news.

Can you guarantee that you will have your section covered 3 days before news release?

I can. Once I say I’m going to do something I stick to it. I’ll be responsible for the time it takes even if I must pull an all-nighter. Writing is something I’m passionate about and wouldn’t want to let the team down. I will also try and write about the most recent gaming news. however, balancing that with what has happened in the past two weeks from the last post. I'm pretty much on my pc all the time, so there won’t be any struggle with missing deadlines.

Why do you want to become a Writer?

I would like to join the writes because I’m interested in journalism and news writing, I also see this as an opportunity to improve my writing skills and to explore multiple passions of mine. I would also like to become a writer to be part of a great team and help support a core part of the forum which is the news. Thanks for taking the time to read my application and I hope to hear back from you soon.
Pm me if you need some help.

13-03-2018, 07:48 PM
Feb 2016
2 Years of Service
Posted: 19-03-2018, 05:17 PM
This thread is now closed as we are not currently accepting any new applications. Applications in this thread that have not been responded to will still be processed, and will be responded to in a new recruitment thread, which will be coming soon.

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