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29-06-2021, 02:04 PM
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Zero´s MethLab 2 Leak No BACKDOOR

The next Generation Meth manufacturing script for Darkrp.
Tents are isolated areas in which the player can build his meth lab. Best used inside a house. Nothing better than a room inside a room. Every tent has a controllpanel which the player can use to change the light color, extinguish objects and remove the tent again.

The ventilation machine moves the pollution (caused by the different machines when making meth) and outputs it where its exhaust pipe is.

Pollution System
The pollution system handles which area of the map has how much pollution and scales the effect size and inflicted damage from that. Pollution evaporates over time. You can define which player is immune against the poison gas in the config (zmlab2.config.PollutionSystem.ImmunityCheck)

Allows the player to buy chemicals and other equipment.

The Thorium Furnace is used to heat up acid. Depending on the temperature the acid is either being too cold to have any use or so hot that the machines will start burning (or even explode). The goal is it to keep the acid temperature in the green area. The longer the temperature is inside the green area the better is the quality later.

The Mixer machine is used to select the methtype that should be made. Depending on methtype the needed ingredients amount, production time and difficulty is different.

The Filter machine allows the player to increase the final meth quality for each successful performed Minigame.

The Filler machine is used to fill the final meth liquid on to freezer trays.

The freezer freezes' the meth liquid into a solid state. The freezer requires a Liquid Oxygen tank from the Storage.

Packing Table
Provides a fast way to break / pack meth. Can hold up to 12 freezer trays. Can be upgraded with an automatic Ice Breaker.

Methbuyer / Dropoffpoint
The methbuy npc allows the player to sell the produced meth. Depending on the sell mode (defined in the config) the player can sell the meth directly by the npc or by an assigned dropoffpoint.

The meth itself can be consumed by players to boost runspeed, damage resistance or run any custom code defined in the config. Every methtype has its own visuals and music.

SH Accessories Support
If SH Accessories is installed then the player can buy a special Gasmask which protects him against the toxic pollution.

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