Zero´s Yeastbeast

by racs8888 - 10-04-2020, 09:34 AM
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Apr 2020
Posted: 10-04-2020, 09:34 AM
This Script adds a Moonshine Distiller Job to DarkRP.

Zero´s Yeastbeast gives your players the ability to produce, sell and drink moonshine in DarkRP or BaseWars.

Gameplay Process:

  1. Building the Distillery by adding the Cooler to the Boiler and the Condenser to the Cooler by using the Construction Kits.

  2. Add Water/ Sugar to the Fermentation Barrel

  3. Grind a Yeastblock using the Yeastgrinder

  4. Add Grinded Yeast to the Fermentation Barrel

  5. Shake the Fermentation Barrel

  6. Wait for it to finish fermentation process

  7. Fill the fermentated Mash in to the Boiler of the Distillery

  8. Add Wood to the Boiler

  9. After reaching its boil temperatur of 20c it starts to steam in to the cooling part of the distillery.

  10. Decrease the Temperatur of the Boiler with the Depressurize Valve to avoid it from exploding.

  11. The Cooler now starts to cooldown the mash steam and sends it to the Condenser.

  12. When cooling the water warms up so draining some of the Water using the Valve and adding new water keeps the temperatur low which increase the cooling process.

  13. The Condenser now condenses now the moonshine to its final product. By adding upgrade modules you can improve speed and production amount of the condenser.

  14. Finally add empty jars from the JarPack to the condenser.

  15. The Moonshine Jars can be consumed now or packed in to Jar crates for further selling.

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