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22-03-2020, 07:40 AM
AWarn2 allows you to give your players warnings for various reasons, which stay with the player until they are deleted, allowing you and other admins on your server to easily view what the player has been warned for in the past. With AWarn2, you can easily spot repeat offenders and deal with them.

A gmodstore Top 10, you won't be disappointed!

Allows administrators on your server to warn players for any reason and to view these warnings at any time.
Players are notified of their warnings and can view their own warnings at any time.
Admins are alerted when a player with warnings connects to the server so they can view them if they want to.
Warnings are saved to the server's SQLite database for speed and scalability!
If you have multiple servers or prefer to have your data on a MySQL database, there is built in support for MySQL integration.
Punishment options are totally customizable and you can now have as many punishment tiers as you want!
Specific players or groups can be blacklisted from being warned to protect your superadmins or owners from being trolled by other moderators or admins. These blacklists are accessed through the in-game options menu.
There are in-game configuration options to allow for active warnings to decay over time. All warnings are still logged, but active warnings are what counts towards punishments.
Stand-Alone but can be used with ULX/Evolve/Maestro/ServerGuard to allow servers to give access of this script to non-admin groups/players (explained below)
Modules system and hook callbacks for developers to extend AWarn2 without modifying the base code!
Built in logging so you can see/monitor warnings and awarn related actions. (off by default)
Support for language translations. See instructions in the sh_localization.lua file! Please send me any translations you do!

Compatible with the most popular Admin Mods!
With support for Evolve/ULX/ServerGuard/and Maestro, all you need to do is install AWarn2 alongside your admin mod, AWarn2 will detect which plugin you are using and use the permissions from your admin mod. Below are a list of permission flags you will need to assign your groups to give them special access within AWarn2.

awarn_view - This allows a player to view other players' warnings. (Defaults to Admin)

awarn_warn - This allows a player to warn other players. (Defaults to Admin)

awarn_remove - This allows a player to decrease another player's active warnings. (Defaults to Admin)

awarn_delete - This allows a player to delete all warnings for a player. (Defaults to Superadmin)

awarn_options - This allows a player to view and change the configurations for this script. (Defaults to Superadmin)

ULX Specific commands to add access:

ulx groupallow [group] [access flag] (example: ulx groupallow "moderator" "awarn_warn") ulx userallow [group] [access flag] (example: ulx userallow "Mr.President" "awarn_warn")

Maestro Specific commands to add access:

ms rankflag [group] [access flag] true (example: ms rankflag "moderator" "awarn_warn")

Evolve Specific commands to add access:

I am not familiar with how Evolve Access permissions work. If someone informs me, I will update this post.


If you are using ServerGuard, here is a handy tutorial on how to integrate AWarn2 into the ServerGuard permissions. Thanks to the author of this guide for writing it.

Download here

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