crea8social v.1.3.1 – PHP Social Networking Platform

by jay97 - 16-09-2015, 08:58 AM
Sep 2015
2 Years of Service
Posted: 16-09-2015, 08:58 AM
crea8SOCIAL is a social networking platform that sums features of common social networking platforms like facebook and twitter and to that indigenous to it such as the feature that allows it to display information(to the user) about any link added,profile can be redeesigned by users, communities created and invite others to join amongst many other interesting features
Member features:
  • AJAX: crea8SOCIAL make use of ajax technology to speedup your website
  • Live chat, Real time Notification, comments
  • Photos, Photo Albums : give your members to upload photos with albums
  • News Feed : Display posts from people you are following and who you have as friends
  • Profile timeline: Display your posts on your personal profile
  • Events: Movies, location,Musics, Games, Photos. e.t.c
  • Share: Share posts from others to your timeline and friends
  • #Hashtags: Use #hashtags in your posts, comments e.t.c
  • Trending topics: This display what’s hot to your member base on the hottest #hashtags
  • Likes: Like posts, pages
  • Pages:Create fan page, allow your friends and followers to like it
  • Follow:Follow celebrities, popular people to get there messages
  • Message System: Send private messages to your friends and also set privacy for who send you message
  • Community:Create communities, invite your friends to join, you can create both private and public communities
  • Community categories:Create different categories for your community
  • Games: Let your members play games, add games, likes games, e.t.c
  • @Mention:Mention your friends in a post, or @mention somebody to send a message to the person
  • Post with: When you are with your friend, let your other friends know about that when you are posting
  • Link Preview: when you post links, details like title,description are pull and displayed
  • Invite Friends: Invite friends with there emails, with record, so once they joinm they will be added to your friends list
  • Account activation You can prevent bad accounts through verification
  • …..Much more
Admin Features
  • Manage Users: Manage your members, edit there details,delete, and verify anyone of them
  • Manage Pages: Manage pages your member created, verify anyone of them
  • Create categories: create different categories for pages, games e.t.c
  • Manage translations: Add more language translations
  • Reports:Manage reports by your members
  • Helps: Create helps for your members
  • NewsLetter: Send mail to all members or certain members
  • Manage Themes: Manage themes
  • Post text: set maximum post text character in posts
  • Enable emoticons: Enable/Disable emoticons
  • Custom Fields: Create custom fields for profile, pages, communities, and games
  • Validate Users: Validate new users if this is turn on
  • ….and much more
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