gProtect - Prop Protection Reinvented

by youngnoggge - 12-09-2020, 11:21 AM
Sep 2020
Posted: 12-09-2020, 11:21 AM
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Quote:Curator's Featured Review
Amazing Script
100% The best prop protection system to date. Completely takes out the need to use FPP or APG. Is the best alternative that you could possibly ever have. 100% worth the money and should be an addon that you buy straight away with no hesitation. Alongside that Stromic is always a good and friendly developer who is always looking to improve his addons. When an issue arises he always tries to find a fix to the issue asap. This kind of support needs serious recognition for all of the hard work he's putting in to make this script into something amazing. Which it is. If you've read this far into my review... What are you thinking? Buy the script now! 100% worth the money.
Stezzers -
gProtect was created as a solution to the mixing of FPP and APG or other systems, By creating a modern and clean interface along with new features that will take us to the next level!
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5.00 average based on 46 reviews
[Image: 37cb40b38c89eeb4096018dc3340901deef41e29_full.jpg]Un Addon de protection Surpuissant
Cet addon je l'ai acheté hier et je peux vous dire qu'il est déjà possible pour moi de le noter. Pourquoi ? Il possède tout ce qu'il faut pour qu'un serveur fonctionne sans le moindre soucis. Les PropKill/Surf ne sont plus possible en activant certaines options ce qui est positif étant donné que c'est des choses interdites sur mon serveur. La partie pour éviter le spam de props ainsi que les collisions foireuses fonctionne parfaitement et il ma fallu au moins 2 minutes pour essayer de faire une collision afin qu'il supprime mes props tellement le système est puissant. Si je devais donner des points négatifs (sans que cela n'impacte vraiment la note) les voici : - Il serait je pense important de faire en sorte que l'addon soit compatible avec trixter's discord integration afin par exemple d'avoir des alertes si une personne essaye de faire crash le serveur. - Améliorer la traduction française, car elle est trop brouillonne. Je préfère rester sur la version anglaise pour le moment.
By Rayzox57 - 
Sep 7, 2020, 12:15 PM
 (version 1.3.9)

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[Image: e2e7883cee0b35b055a216e01cd9a7c029aa3c78_full.jpg]Passes fpprofiler with flying colors
This script did not show up on my fpprofiler which means its HIGHLY optimized, Stromic also added "force darkrp entity ownership" which is a feature I have not seen before. Just that feature alone is worth the price tag of this script. I highly recommend it.
By |DC| Drewbie - 
Sep 6, 2020, 9:56 AM
 (version 1.3.9)

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[Image: 9f1df013874744c6e8b9ef941723242c8b13cc96_full.jpg]Superb administration tool
This is the most superb administration tool i have seen on gmodstore. Currently i'm running it with anti crash for resource monitoring and eProtect. Awesome support and the developer is great! I had a problem with the addon and the developer answered my ticket 40 minutes after posting it. I added him on discord and he fixed the problem for me in less than 10 minutes. Great customizability in the addon. If you don't like a thing you can change it. You can set up bypass groups up so superadmins isn't restricted by the blacklist and other things. It is also a lot easier to blacklist/remove blacklisted props with gProtect than using FPP. The price may be a little steep but as i've found out, it's a must have for any server owners. Instead of sitting in admin cases for prop kill you can now spend your time elsewhere.
By dogdaycare - 
Sep 5, 2020, 12:11 PM
 (version 1.3.9)

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[Image: d3bf129c89072874b829f97b34fba362f08e3608_full.jpg]It's revolution Johny
The very first who bought it on gmodstore and probably the last who writes a review. Coder is a very attentive and open person, his addon is just as great. Best work on gmodstore, any problem will be fixed on the same day by the developer also you will not be left without replies on your question because you can ask it directly even through Discord. 9 / 10.
By saynz - 
Aug 29, 2020, 3:31 PM
 (version 1.3.6)

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[Image: 1782218fae19459368450a8511b70dd373bac648_full.jpg]Fantastic Creator!
Stromic is always quick to respond to support tickets, it was a pleasure talking to him and working out my error! It's a great replacement for APG or FPP. It's certainly a must-have to any server. It has a simple and sleek UI and easy in-game configuration. With every update, the addon continues to impress and it gets better every time. Amazing addon!
By Koji - 
Aug 27, 2020, 11:02 AM
 (version 1.3.6)

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Aug 2020
Posted: 12-09-2020, 07:06 PM
This addon is very useful but why copy all comments ? Just copy the link x) But Thank
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