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22-11-2021, 12:29 AM
Why is this a cheat code? What does it do? Its a cheat code for synchronizing your brain hemispheres in order to increase actual brainpower potential. Includes Gamma isochronic tones, 8D Subliminal messages, 3 different frequency tones and of course multi layered power from all angles with many tweaks including 8D ambisonic audio movement.

✓ 11111 BrainPower Subliminal Messages
✓ 33Hz (The Pyramid Frequency)
✓ 360Hz (The 'Balance' Frequency)
✓ 33Hz (Isochronic Tones)
✓ 9999Hz (Higher Spectrum Frequency Tone)
✓ Gamma Brainwave Entrainment
✓ Multi Layered 8D Audio Stimulation
✓ Natural A=432Hz Tuning

██ Research and Studies based on Sound Healing, Meditation, Brain Waves

☀️ 360Hz ☀️
The "Balance Frequency" - brings sensations of joy and healing. Derived from the Golden Section. Brings balance to health.

☀️ 33Hz Pyramid Frequency ☀️
Instantly stimulates pineal gland which is a gland in the center of our brain. Allows you to see reality as it truly is, improve empathy, and develop your own spiritual practices and identity. Stimulating the pineal gland we promote better harmony between the two brain hemispheres, perfect formula for increasing brainpower potential.

☀️ 9999Hz ☀️
General vitality & energy.

☀️ Gamma Brainwave Entrainment ☀️
Higher level of Consciousness
Mystical experiences
Out of Body experiences
Hyper Concentration and Focus
Self Awareness and Insight

☀️ Square Isochronic Tones ☀️
Brain wave entrainment techniques, such as the use of isochronic
tones, are being studied as a potential therapy for a variety of health
conditions. These can include things like pain, attention deficit
hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), and anxiety.

☀️ Multi Layered 8D Ambisonic Audio ☀️
These Modulations Optimize your Brain as a
Sound Receptor by moving the sound
in 360 degrees Around Your Head.
Many Sound Layers have different/seperate
movement paths in order to activate
many different parts of the brain at once.
Ambisonic audio is commonly called "The 8D Audio".

☀️ Subliminal Messages List ☀️
❯ I have infinite willpower
❯ Having infinite willpower is my natural ability
❯ I am constantly increasing my brain power
❯ My brain hemispheres are working together in harmony
❯ Having limitless brainpower feels incredible
❯ I know and believe that everything is possible
❯ I am in control of my mind
❯ You are limitless
❯ I am Limitless
❯ I am in the flow state
❯ I am always connected to my inner power
❯ My Attention is boundless
❯ I am in full control of my state

These are repeated 11.111 times at ultra high speed through this soundtrack

I am not creator of this music, i just find it very cool and wanted to share..

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