sad mc story

by johnsopao - 26-04-2020, 05:42 PM
Apr 2020
Posted: 26-04-2020, 05:42 PM
back when minecraft had just started gaining popularity i started playing on the servers,i would always get killed until one dude helped me out and let me into his house and killed the people following me.he was my hero.we played for about 5 hours straight that day and found many ores.we logged off for the day.
we had already choose a time to get back on and when we did we were greeted by something horrible.our house was destroyed by trolls,we were devastated to say the least,but we re built the house again and grinded for some ores,the next day,our house was destroyed again.we had enough.we spent the next 3 days(in game) travelling across the minecraft map trying to find a place to live and ventering ever further.
then we found it.the perfect patch of land to build on,we built the house and made it grand our rooms were shared and had makeshift bunk beds.the following week we were grinding and building up our house before...before we were attacked within our house and lost everything. we moved again,determined to live our peaceful minecraft lives together far from the reaches of the people of the rest of the server.
we settled far away,so far away we never knew how to get back,and we built,we built a moat made of lava that only we knew how to get across(building would have been useless because we built a wall surrounding it that went to the height limit) we built a secret passage out of the house in case were were to be raided while in our house that led to the mountains a few chunks down and we spent the next few months playing and bonding.
we never got onto a voice chat,we spook in signs and server chat,but we played everyday and would even tell me his irl problems like how he got bullied and was excluded from his family home life. and eventually, he played less and less i barely saw him and one day i log in to a sign next to the bunk bed,it read;
"i loved playing with you,you were the best friend i ever had"(spread out along 2 signs)
i didnt think much of it back then,i was only a kid,but from time to time i remember him and the good days.
please man,if your out there,its me goalhil
i hope your okay.
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