100 Ways To Disappear And Live Free

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                            100 Ways To Disappear
                                And Live Free

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       To "live free" means to be able to control your own life
       and to avoid violence, or the threat of violence, by others.
       What you do and how you do it will almost always determine
       whether or not freedom will be yours.  But YOU must take the
       responsibility for creating your own freedom.  No one,
       especially the "government" will do it for you.
       To "disappear" means to make it impossible for other
       people to invade your personal world of freedom. Since most
       of such invasion is by means of electronic data gathering and
       cross-referencing, you must be able to short-circuit these
       procedures effectively.

       The most efficient method today is through the use of
       what we call "alternate identification".  If the new names
       and numbers you plug into the networks don't match
       the old ones, you have not only "disappeared", but have also
       been "reborn".  And being reborn means leaving your past records
       where they can no longer affect you and your lifestyle.

       This "disappearing" of individuals is obviously discomforting
       to institutions and governments determined to control
       personal activities in the Land of the Free.  To them
       it appears downright seditious, since in reality their power
       depends directly on the number of people they can control --
       through computerized records, of course.

       To those who actually "disappear", however, the act is
       one of tremendous personal liberation.  Free men owe very
       little to those who restrict opportunities on the basis of past
       records.  An extreme example, which nevertheless applies
       to all of us, is this: When a person convicted of a felony
       has served his full sentence, is he then "free"?  Hardly.
       What he will experience is really a LIFE SENTENCE of second-rate

       And what happens to the convict, in practice, happens to
       *everyone* who manages to have negative personal information
       placed in his "records".  When it comes to the point of a
       person's having to live with a condemning past and ever-
       narrowing opportunities, it becomes easily understandable
       why he should be willing and anxious to scuttle his labeled
       identity and take on another.

       Becoming a new identity, however, involves many things
       and requires careful attention to detail, as we shall show.
       At the heart of this process, though, is the ATTITUDE a person
       must assume if he is to make it work.  He must forget
       about his "government"; he must become his own government,
       answerable only to himself, with his own rules, laws, and
       systems of behavior.  This is an existential "moment" few
       are disciplined enough to experience, but it can be done.
       The result will be a growing detachment from BIG BROTHER and
       a correspoding increase of personal freedom.

       The individual needn't worry about what would happen "if
       everybody else did this" because they WON'T.  The object is
       for individuals, acting as individuals, to declare their
       mental independence from whatever System is attempting to
       enslave them.  As individuals they are the best judges of what
       degree of slavery they can accept, how far down the road
       they can go before becoming robots for BIG BROTHER.  Simply
       put, it's the Sheep and the Wolves.  The Sheep go to slaughter,
       the Wolves wherever they wish...

       There are numerous intermediate tactics between total
       compliance and complete disappearance, such as refusing to
       give your Social Security number (or giving it incorrectly),
       avoiding taxes, obtaining several foreign citizenships and
       passports, setting up bank accounts in several other countries,
       and planning at least two routes of escape to other countries,
       but in the end you will discover there really is no freedom
       in the world -- *YOU MUST CREATE YOUR OWN*.  You must
       learn how to protect your own rights as you define them. No
       one else will do it for you, *NO ONE*.
       The object of this publication is to suggest ways an
       individual can, in practice, escape his past and secure a
       new future, *on his own terms*.  Individuals will vary greatly
       in how they carry out their disappearances, and it is our
       hope that the ideas we present here are useful towards those
       ends.  We make no claims of completeness or of exhausting
       the subject, as that could be potentially dangerous were
       individuals to rely solely on this information.

       We must stress that everyone should think over his situation
       as carefully as possible, and then pick and choose
       which among our methods are best suited for his needs.  Above
       all, he must begin using his head, trusting his hunches and
       instincts, and thinking of himself as separate, different,
       and even superior to those stuck in the System.  He will
       have to become a Wolf.  He must stand alone to be free.

       --Barry Reid
         January 1978

                               I. DISAPPEARING

   If you need to dump your car, sell it yourself to a private party
   for cash.  Be very careful not to reveal anything to this person about
   your real plans or reasons for selling.  He would be an ideal source of
   information of this nature for snoopers, thanks to the efficiency of
   auto registration systems throughout the country.  The buyer will, of
   course, be an excellent place to dump your *fake* information...

   Once you relocate, should you need another car, pay cash for it
   even if it represents lowering your "status".  Delay registering it as
   long as possible.  By the time you do, hopefully you will have
   established a new identity completely unknown to the last owner of
   the car.

   Changing completely your "profile" of the type of car you drive
   might help reinforce your new identity, too.  If you last had a large,
   domestic, expensive car, try for small, foreign, economy car.  Avoid
   splashy colors and styling, however.  Look dull.  Red cars get more
   attention from highway patrols--a proven fact.

   If you need to move large amounts of personal property and can't
   handle the job yourself, hire some "no name" movers from a city or two
   away, and have them put your stuff in some kind of public storage where
   you control access.  Days, weeks, or months later, have another mover
   transfer your goodies to your new address.  Plan this latter move for a
   time when you feel there might be the least chance of surveillance of
   the storage premises.  *DO IT QUICK*.  Avoid any intervening visits to
   check up on your stored items.  Remember, too, to give false and
   misleading information to the agents who rent the storage space to you.

   Sever all ties with any unions, clubs, lodges, or other organizations
   to which you belong.  Become a "lost" member.  It's best to leave
   these groups "cold", that is, don't go around cashing your interests
   in special funds or private accounts to the point where it becomes
   obvious you're intending to pull up stakes.  Leave a few bucks on the

   *Never* send in Change-of-Address forms to publishers of magazines
   or other periodicals, and certainly don't leave such a form at the local
   Post Office.  Your mail will be returned to sender stamped, "Moved,
   left no forwarding address", or "Unable to Forward", or words to this

   Never become friendly with the landlord.  Hold up your end of the
   rental agreement, and he will undoubtably be pleased to leave you
   completely alone.  Landlords are fertile sources of information for
   snoops, so consider every conversation with them the same as if you
   were talking with the FBI.  In this case, however, you are perfectly
   free to lie, mislead, and deceive all day long with impunity, so DO IT.
   Remember, however, that if you burn him for the rent when you split, you
   will gain not only an unpaid creditor but also an enemy who will bend
   over twice to help skip tracers.

   Life insurance should be cancelled or allowed to lapse.  If there
   is any cash value, take the money before you split.  Insurance companies
   are great gatherers of personal information, so be sure not to tip
   off agents regarding your plans.  Give them believable excuses like
   deciding to go with another carrier or your employer's group plan, etc.

   When you change houses or apartments, be careful not to leave behind
   items that might serve as indicators of your past, your interests,
   hobbies, or lifestyle.  Books and clothing items you no longer need
   should be donated anonymously to the Goodwill, Salvation Army, etc.

   If you have grown children make it clear to them they will never
   know where you really are.  Correspond through mail drops and make
   phone calls from pay booths if you must communicate.  Cutting family ties
   can be painful, but sometimes the alternatives hurt more.  Ideally, parents
   should train their children never to give personal information to third
   parties.  Agents and investigators should be told to "get a warrant".

   Don't worry about being tracked down by your photo. Tracing by
   photo isn't done unless you're a fairly notorious person, usually with
   a reward on your head.  You've got to be "worth" the great effort and
   expense.  It *is* possible to trace a person this way, but modern cops
   and dicks don't do it unless there is no other way *and* the search is
   justified.  The FBI admits that at any one time there are at least
   75,000 fugitives in the U.S., so the Post Office photos can't really be
   working all that well, eh?

   It can be super-cool to room in someone else's apartment or home.
   Check the daily newspapers for ads under heading like "Rooms to share",
   "Rentals to share", or "Apartments to share".  This way all records
   relating to occupancy will already be in someone else's name.  You will
   make arrangements with the current occupant only, not the landlord and
   the various utilities.  This arrangement is well suited to someone
   wanting to put lots of "distance" between one identity and another, a
   great way to "get lost", even if only a few blocks away.  Once a new
   identity has been set up--a process that can take several weeks or months
   for someone wanting foolproof identity--he is much freer to appear,
   fully reborn, wherever he pleases.

   Avoid getting involved in lawsuits or failing to respond to citations.
   If you have to split in a hurry, and can't make an appearance,
   you've just bought yourself a possible bench warrant which will be
   happily enforced the next time a traffic officer pulls you over for
   a "broken tail light".  It is a well-known fact that arrests of most cons
   and fugitives are made in "circumstances unrelated to their crimes".
   Stops for traffic violations are number-one such "circumstances"....

   Pets can be a drag if you need to move in a hurry, so consider your
   situation carefully if you simply must have one.  Also, most urban areas
   require registering of certain kinds of animals, especially dogs.
   You can avoid registering them as long as possible, and give totally
   false information when convassing inspector catches up to you.

   If you own or are buying a home, but want to disappear, arrange
   to have an attorney handle the sale and escrow.  Attornies can generally
   be counted on to follow their client's instructions, and are usually
   quite careful about divulging information to third parties (snoops).
   Short of a court order, data relating to their clients is considered
   private or "privileged".  You will want to instruct your attorney in
   the manner of forwarding funds to you.  He will have several ideas
   along this line, such as a trust account, conversion to cash, or deposit
   made out of state or the country.

   There should be no problem in his handling the details of the sale
   once you grant him the power of attorney for this purpose.  Don't be
   afraid to pay him well for his services, as he will remain a known "link"
   between your old and new lives.  Should other methods of tracing fail,
   investigators will put pressure on him.  Since most attorneys enjoy a
   good battle of wits, protect yourself by keeping him on your side.
   Wealthy people have always used smart attorneys to cover their moves,
   and so can you.

   Similarly, if you have recently been the beneficiary of a will or
   have an interest in an estate, notify your executor that further
   transactions are to be directed through your attorney.  Your address can
   thus be kept from public records.  Since may probate matters can drag
   on for years, your present address will have to be known to executor.
   It shouldn't bother him that you wish a little privacy.  If the estate
   in question is of great value to you, you would naturally want an
   attorney to look out for your interests, so this is the perfect excuse.
   Attorneys should be *used*.

   If minor children are involved in your disappearing act, things can get
   complicated if they can't or won't cooperate with you.  You will probably
   be changing identity, so you will have to get them to accept at least a
   new surname.  Be serious about it and they should get the message.  They
   will have to cut off contact with old neighborhood friends, and will have
   to enroll in new schools under their new names.  Since most schools
   require records and transcripts to be sent from the last school of
   attendance, and enrollment of kindergarteners and first graders to be
   accompanied by birth certificates, a little ingenuity and cleverness is in

   First, birth certificates can easily be faked as there are many
   sources of blank forms.  Check the classified ads in any of the national
   tabloids ("Midnight","The National Enquirer", etc.) under such headings
   as "Certificates" and "Miscellaneous".  The ID cards offered by these
   mail order firms are often accompanied by free birth certificates, too.
   For more information on birth certificates and alternate identities, order
   a copy of "THE PAPER TRIP II", from Eden Press ($19.95).

   In this latter book, you will also get ideas into how to create
   "records" of past activities, methods wchich will work in helping you
   cover your children's tracks as well.  The basic technique is to
   recreate the records you want, provide the address of a mail forwarding
   service as that of the source of those records, and handle all
   correspondence *yourself*.  By using photo duplication of altered
   documents, a little rubber-stamping, or even some "quick-print" offset
   printing, you can easily and rather quickly come up with working solutions
   to some of the most baffling problems in starting a new identity. You
   can have a field day creating all kinds of "backgrounds".  The only
   limitation is your own imagination.  These methods WORK, too!!

   It would usually be a good idea not to give children an advance
   warning they are about to split the neighborhood, as they will be
   quick to tell their friends and schoolmates.  Once on the move, keep
   them from communicating until you arrange for them not to give
   away your location.  Mail forwarding services can help here, too.  Have
   them begin using their new last names right away.

   If you belong to an Automobile Association, let your membership lapse.
   If you decide to rejoin, do it several months later under a new name, or
   join some other Auto Club under the new name.

   If you use a particular barber or beauty shop, give no indication you
   are about to move or make any kind of radical change in your life.
   Talk about the weather, politics, or sports, but keep you private
   thoughts from becoming popular knowledge.  Gossip thrives in these
   places.  The same goes for bars, pool halls, liquor stores, and
   restaurants which you have frequented in the past.  Don't tip them off.

   If you're planning to remain in the same general area, don't use your
   old library card anymore.  Chuck it and apply for another at another
   branch, under another name, of course.

   When dealing with any real estate people to set up you new location,
   use only your *new* name.  Many real estate firms also handle rentals,
   and are thus good sources for tracers if they have a general idea where
   you are, or are headed.  This underlines the need to begin creating a
   new identity *before* you decide to "move".

   When you notify the utilities and telephone company to discontinue
   service, tell them not to send any refunds (if they are due) or closing
   bills until you notify them, as you are relocating and are not yet sure
   of the address.  This way you will not be leaving any leads in this
   fertile field for investigators.

   If you plan to remain in the general area serviced by the same utility
   company or companies, it would be advisable to have service begun
   either several weeks *before* you move (under the new name), or
   several weeks *after* you move.  Snoops would find "connect" requests
   within five to ten days of your move worth investigating, dig?

   If you ship personal property via UPS or common carrier, don't give them
   the address where you intend to locate, not even the city.  Simply
   tell them to ship to one of their pick-up points reasonably nearby your
   new location.  Tell them you won't have definite address for several
   weeks, and that you will pick the stuff up "Will Call".  To put
   a good kink in persuers' trail, collect your items at this latter
   destination and ship again, via another carrier, to a location nearer your
   actual destination.  Do the "Will Call" number again, though.  A cardinal
   operating procedure is never to establish a link between the new and the
   old.  Use blind addresses, aliases and other covers to screen the actual
   transactions.  Time delays work in your favor also, the longer the better.

   If you decide to hawk your possessions before disappearing, be extremely
   careful not to give away your real reasons for doing so (you could be
   going into missionary work in Uruguay), and definitely not the
   destination you have in mind.  You could even pretend you are an
   employee of the person moving, and that the "boss" is moving his business
   to another state.

   A gambit used by many fly-by-night employers, such as carnival
   operators, is to claim that they can never make decisions (write checks)
   without their "brother's" approval and signature.  Gee, they'd love to
   pay you, but their "brother" is tied up out of town until a week from
   next Tuesday....  Meanwhile, the operator splits.

   If you decide to use a pawn shop for certain items, again, be discreet
   and careful not to divulge any information regarding your move.
   Pawnshops are natural haunts for snoops.  Unless you're used to
   dealing with them, it might be safest to sell your items openly.
   Pawnshop operators are very astute observers of people, and you could
   easily tip them off without intending to.  They can sense desperation
   before you even come throught the door.

   Although procedures vary from state to state, it is generally possible
   to trace a person through his vehicle registration.  If you plan to
   take your car with you, as a first measure simply don't notify the
   Motor Vehicle people of your change of address.  Sometime before you
   must pay the registration fees again, either sell the car outright, or,
   arrange a dummy sale to yourself under your new name--a transaction
   that can often be done by mail.

   There is a national clearinghouse for vehicle registrations, which
   means a particular vehicle, if properly registered, can be traced
   through its various sequential owners.  It would be a shame that one's
   love for his car were greater than for his personal freedom, but many
   people will want to "take it with them".  A two-stage dummy sale would be
   much safer, especially if one of the transactions took place in another
   state.  Registering the car in the name of a business could be another
   ploy to consider.  The registration of other personal property, such
   as boats, trailer, and airplanes should be considered in the same light
   as that for automobiles.

   Allusions to "going back East ", or "returning to college" can be
   helpful smoke screens in evading inquisitive landlords.  Never let them
   know where you're really going.

   J. Edgar Hoover stated many times that fully 90% of all arrests by the
   FBI are due directly to the "helpful cooperation" of neighbors and
   relatives.  Need we say more?

   Should you have school-age children and not want them to attend
   public schools, you can:

       a.  Find a suitable private school,
       b.  Tell the neighbors the children are feeble-minded and that you are
           tutoring them at home,
       c.  Tell the inquisitive you are a transient visitor from Mississippi,
           Virginia, or South Carolina, states which have repealed compulsory
           attendance laws,
       d.  Move every three months or so to prevent rumors from spreading
           too far, and/or,
       e.  Keep the children under cover during school hours.

   Don't take the bus cross-country.  Terminals are notorious hangouts
   for snoop informers who appraise bus travelers as "only niggers, spics,
   college beatniks, and other commie types".  (You'd never believe who
   said this, but then again, you may very well know...)

   Keep your home, job, personal activities, and hobbies well separated,
   even self-contained.  Don't let heat in one area endanger any of the
   others.  How? Read on...

   Keep the address of where you actually live a well-guarded secret.
   This is *VERY IMPORTANT*.

   Never carry your actual address on you or in your car.

   Let only those who are trustworthy and have a genuine need know your
   actual address.
   Set up a "legal" address somewhere else, such as a closet at a friend's
   house, containing some misleading personal effects (books on subjects
   you have no interest in, and clothes a few sizes away from your own).
   He can thus point to something if ever questioned; but, of course,
   he hasn't the slightest notion when you'll be returning from India...

   Use this "legal" address for all your ID which you plan on using
   regularly, such as drivers licence or state ID.  Provide it also for
   your employer's records, should it be required.

   If you need a telephone, not only have it unlisted, but have the
   records in a phoney name.  Let only the address be correct among the
   facts you are asked to provide.  A small cash deposit is a small
   price to pay for anonymity.

   Rent your apartment, house, etc., under yet another phoney name,
   if you wish.  Always pay utility bills and rent with money orders or
   cash.  Cash doesn't have your name on it, and you never have to provide
   your correct name on a money order.  Keep a few receipts with your
   current alias written on them in case you still haven't obtained a good ID.
   Virtually any reconizable paper document "with your name on it" can be
   good enough for you to "identify" yourself if stopped for questioning.
   When you are between identities, this is the most convenient way of
   proving you are at least more "substantial" than an escaped convict...

   Receive all your mail at a 24-hour Post Office box.  Use your
   "legal" address to obtain the box, or any "friendly" address for that
   matter.  Once you have the box, and continue to pay the rent for it,
   you can move every day of the week, and the Post Office won't care.

   Instead of a P.O. box you can employ a mail forwarding service.
   They will generally cooperate fully with you in your efforts to keep a
   good distance between you and anyone else, whatever your reasons.  Most
   newspapers carry their ads in the classified section under "Personals".
   With two or more services you can route your mail in and out of the
   country, or from one coast to the other and back again, each mailing
   under a different "code" name.  Houdini never had it so easy.

   For people (and bill collectors) you want to "lose", provide a
   forwarding address out of the country.  You can arrange to have letters
   mailed from foreign countries stating that you have no intention of
   ever returning.  If they are to creditors, tell them to write you off
   and save the collection expenses.

   Another ruse for covering tracks is to write "deceased" on the face
   of incoming mail.  Drop unopened into public mail boxes.  All but
   professional snoops will get the hint.

   By far the most useful method of learning about a person "cold" is
   through his driver's licence, a copy of which any investigator has no
   difficulty receiving.  A postage stamp and the right request gets
   him the information in a few days.  The best way to make sure snoopers
   draw a blank is to change your identity via one of the workable methods
   detailed in "THE PAPER TRIP II", from Eden Press.

   Thanks to computers and credit cards, virtually everyone has lost
   his privacy, but the right maneuvers in the personal identity field can
   liberate an individual rather quickly from such information tyranny.
   Indeed, resorting to methods of "disappearing" are really the only
   feasible ways of evading what amounts to electronic control of your life.
   When you exercise the option of unplugging yourself from the computerized
   data exchanges, you can in fact "start over", or at least regain and
   maximize your personal privacy.  We think it's well worth it.

   It can be good discipline to do without a savings or checking account.
   If you must have one, set it up under a good alias for which you
   will need supportive ID.  A driver's licence or state ID card under
   a phoney name can be obtained using any of the methods shown in "THE PAPER
   TRIP II", and the Social Security "number" you give can be totally fake,
   even made up right on the spot.  Just remember as you recite your "number"
   that it has nine digits, however.  For IRS purposes, the SS# used for your
   checking account is of no value, and on your savings account serves
   only as a cross check for the reporting of interest.  This latter purpose,
   it has been revealed, is of little consequence in that the IRS virtually
   never bothers to verify interest reporting statements sent in by the
   banks.  They have relied on the "basic honesty" of taxpayers...

   A solid set of ID in another name is what can truly be called "freedom
   insurance".  With the growing threat of arrest and prosecution for
   leading a "free" life, it's plainly comforting to have the option to cut
   and run, even if you choose not to.

   Obtaining alternate ID should be done *before* you get into trouble.
   Take the time to do it right.  In an emergency many other matters will
   compete for your time.  In the future first-class ID may become more
   difficult to obtain, too.

   The best ID to obtain is obviously that which is issued directly
   by government agencies themselves.  Using forged, stolen, or counterfeited
   ID is bust in itself.  Privately-issued ID is more lightweight,
   but in lieu of government-issued ID, can serve the same purpose, namely,
   protection from harrassment.  It won't get you a passport though.

   With "legal" ID you will find no trouble in doing many tasks which
   would otherwise prove impossible or extremely difficult at best.  Also
   with "legal" ID the risk of detection is reduced to a minimum.  When
   and if you choose to disappear, you can appear instantly "identifiable".

   With government-issued ID you can effectively erase the curse of a
   jail or prison record.  Tens of thousands of "free" Americans carry with
   them the permanent label of "felon" or "ex-con".  The real crime begins
   only after a person leaves the joint; legal and social ostracism continue
   all their lives.  What better reason to disappear?

   If you had the misfortune to receive a less-than-honorable discharge
   from the armed forces (thousands do so anually), the acquisition and use
   of an alternate identity will be your first step in beginning to live free.
   Even though you may have lost all or most of your G.I. "benefits", you'll
   at least be able to get a decent job--now.  Watch out for fingerprinting,
   however.  Big Brother has your prints, and will be only too happy to
   prove you're one of those "Dirty, rotten, rat-fink, Commie deserters".
   And you thought honest criminals had it bad...?

   Using an alternate identity is another way of covering up bad employment,
   too, particularly if the law was involved in some adverse way,
   such as in cases of theft, embezzelment, etc.  In some occupational
   circles the word gets around efficiently--and fast.

   Many young men of draft age split to Canada during the Vietnam fiasco
   to escape what they considered the illegal obligation of fighting
   an immoral war.  Their return was often facilitated by the acquisition
   of alternate identity.  And who knows when the next immoral war will
   be foisted on us?  It can't hurt to be prepared.

   By obtaining the right documents individuals can rather easily take on
   foreign citizenships, too.  Most countries have much more lax "safeguards"
   against paper penetration of their document systems than the U.S.
   Although superficially the more centralized countries appear to
   have better control of their subjects, it is precisely this
   bureaucratic patina of confidence and superiority that makes their record
   systems more vulnerable to subversion.  If bribes and theft don't work
   (they usually do), then the documents themselves are very susceptible to
   forgery and counterfeiting.  By approaching the right "trade ministers",
   many international businessmen have obtained numerous "legitimate"
   foreign citizenships, passports included.  IT CAN BE DONE, U.S. "law"

   Many people have made a regular practice of beating creditors and
   collection agencies through the adroit use of aliases and alternate
   identities.  They are living proof that debts belong to yesterday.
   Financially they live quite free--today.

   A quick way up the occupational ladder is to combine mail order
   school diplomas, certificates, and degrees with expert ID.  Not only
   can a clean break with the past be achieved, but a sharp increase in
   income as well.  The only limit here is your imagination and desire.

   Some of the sharpest operators create ID as a physician or clergyman and
   rake in commercial discounts as well as hundreds of free offers and
   special deals once their names get on "preferred" mailing lists.
   Such ID can be of great benefit socially, too.

   Alternate ID is the quickest way to starting all over in the credit world.
   The most atrocious credit record is gone forever when your old name
   disappears.  This is an oversimplification, of course, but what else can
   be said when your aren't "you" anymore?

   Once some form of commercial or consumer credit is established, it becomes
   very easy to obtain all the various forms of credit cards, from bank cards
   to the Travel and Entertainment cards.  Complete plans for starting all
   over in the credit game are outlined and detailed in "CREDIT", from
   Eden Press.
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Idk why i hided it, sry
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Thank you for the post!
I'm half way of reading it. //I'll update later.
EDIT: Very interested. Lots of great information.
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Bookmarked if I for some reason ever need it, though I doubt that
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Iam disappeared. Lol. Liking this post.
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I tried to read through it but got bored, sorry :yus:

I wonder if I'll ever need this :rolleyes:
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I'll read this when I get on the bus to go home...
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This seems legit, brb starting a new life
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Did anyone actually read this full thing? lol
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