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[7SooN - Leak] Advanced Kevlar System (Features helmets now) (armor system)

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30-04-2018, 07:11 PM
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What is The Advanced Kevlar System?
The The Advanced Kevlar System is a very useful and essential addon to have on your darkrp server, as it gives a new and more controlled player protection system, by providing a whole list of unique features, that creates a new form for unique role-play, that needs to be experienced for you to understand.
Gamemode support
  • Works with DarkRP +2.5.
  • Works with TTT (with pointshop1 installed)
  • Kevlars are now entities, so works with any other gamemode out there. Just need to be sold through a different store.
Feature list
  • Optimized system.
  • Custom materials.
  • Config options.
  • Custom Kevlar models.
  • Content on steam workshop.
  • Pointshop 1 support.
  • Features helmets now.
  • Features 3 different helms.
  • Features 3 different kevlar vests.
  • Kevlar model display on the player.
  • Kevlars only protect the area where they cover.
  • Removal of kevlar on job change ( config option )
  • Lose kevlar when you die and drop it on ground ( config option )
  • Blocks bullets and scale dmg on ones which get through.
  • Features wall mounted animated 3d2d shops.
  • Wall mounted Shops have no impact on ingame fps.
  • Wall mounted Shops features perma-saving system.
  • Wall mounted Shops feature ULX restriction on kevlars,
  • Wall mounted Shops feature Job resctrion.
  • Features a whole list of api functions, for the developer.
  • Clientside models are used only.
  • Custom made 3d2d boards are used, compared to a NPC, they barely have a fps impact.
  • Every entity has a distance check on their GUI & will not paint after a certain distance.
  • Uses proper networking & table structure, only called when needed.
  • Uses PostPlayerDraw, the models will only be created when you look at a other player, and will be removed after.
How does the system work?
You start with finding a wall mounted kevlar store, it will display 3 kevlar options, each with different protection level. You look at the one which interest you, then you press e, where it open the single store.
Here you can choose to purchase the kevlar, once you purchase it, it automatically equip on your character. You don't have to repurchase the kevlar nor requip if you die. The kevlar brings more life to the server, as now cops don't have to worry about flying bullets when they raid a base, or the average civillian can purchase a kelvar to protect them against common raiders.

  • Unzip the file.
  • Read the readme.txt
  • Any issues with installing? then add me on steam so i can help you add it.
Workshop Link: GmodStore link : Click Here
Download ; [ Media Fire]
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