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A way to influence an audience - Tools e Strategy

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21-11-2021, 04:10 AM
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There are many ways to influence people.

You can use an influential person.
A brand.
Or even through referrals from friends.
Here I will plant an idea, and if you use news who influence other news?

Think about it, it seems a bit pointless. But where are you looking for news? They are fetched, always from first-hand sources. The more important the news, the more important it is to have it first... sooo..

If I plant a news and it goes viral will it become relevant even though it's a lie? YES!

As an example I give you Pokemon Go.
As an example I give you Pokemon Go. Many sites reported false news without reliable sources to have the first click on their news.

A good journalist always has reliable sources. But not everyone is good at what they do.

But I'm not talking about news, I'm talking about influencing people.
So to influence people, I need a few things.

- A reliable vehicle.
- An information that is interesting and acceptable information.
- A group of people talking about it in the same way.

It is possible to create as many profiles as you want on social networks, and create materials on them.
So the ideal is to create a network of friends with these profiles and let them talk to each other about subjects who have to do with the topic I want to talk about. These profiles must be friends with the targets and their friends. But not the same profile, the friend profile must be friends with the other fake profile.

There you have a network. You just need to broadcast your subject.

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