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by shampooedit - 14-10-2020, 03:11 AM
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COLOURCHROME is a purpose made asset pack for quick and easy chrome text effects with detailed reflections and vibrant colours. Containing 400 assets it is the biggest pack on the AAA store.
  •  61 Vibrant colour overlays in full 4K quality
  •  120 Chrome layer styles made specifically for this pack
  •  100 Lightning bolt effects generated in Adobe After Effects specifically for use on chrome text
  •  20 Chrome mockups designed for you to drag and drop your text, including tutorials and prompts in the PSD to help
  •  22 Lens Flares custom made for this pack as well as a PSD mockup for you to make your own custom flare shapes
  •  10 Vector files made for you to apply chrome effects to
  •  45 Gradient Maps made for use with colour overlays in the pack
  •  10 metallic foil textures in 1200dpi, and with abstract colours
  •  10 custom gloss contours you can import and use in your layer styles
  •  2 Photoshop actions made for creating super quick chrome text

And tutorials and tips included for every single asset

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