[AJR] Advanced Jewelry Robbery - Another way to earn money illegally

by Konpoliser - 06-05-2020, 10:23 AM
May 2020
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Posted: 06-05-2020, 10:23 AM
Hi !
Today I present to you the addon

Jewelry Robbery System
The player who has initiated the robbery must collect as much jewelry as he/she can. The backpack does have an encumbrance system. The more you stuff in the backpack the more it weighs. Which in turn reduces player speed. If at any moment the robber’s backpack is intercepted by police, the player who intercepted the bag will earn a percentage of the total backpack’s value. (Percent value is configurable.)
If the robber successfully evades the police, he/she must use a cell phone (included) to call the black market dealer. On call, a [b]RANDOM[/b] dealer position will be given to the robber for the jewelry drop off, as to prevent police from guarding/camping the dealer positions. The dealer will remain in that randomly given position for a certain amount of time. There cannot be more than one active dealer on the map at a time. Any players trying to call while a dealer is active will be notified of the dealer’s unavailability.
There is a [b]bargaining system[/b] in place. Once the robber meets up with the dealer, the player must negotiate jewelry prices. If the dealer is unhappy with the robber’s offer, he will disappear.

Download :
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