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29-06-2021, 04:14 AM
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AWarn3 - Warning System

AWarn3 is a complete server warning and punishment suite. AWarn3 allows for you and your admins to give and track warnings to your players as well as automatically dish out punishments to repeat offenders. All of this with a new slick modern User Interface!

Administrators can warn players and track warnings of players who are on the server.
Administrators can search offline players and view their warnings.
Players are notified when they are warned and can view their own warnings.
Administrators are notified when a player with a warning history connects to the server.
Warnings are saved to SQLite database (built into garrysmod) but there is support for MYSQL through MySQLOO for those who wish to use that!
AWarn3 can be configured to automatically kick or ban players who have reached a certain number of warnings. All of these punishments are fully configurable through the in-game UI.
Players or Groups can be immune to being warned through the use of the 'awarn_immune' permission.
Active warnings (the warnings used to determine punishments) can be configured to decay over time. This gives players a chance to be rewarded for their good behavior.
Stand-Alone, but there is built in support for the following admin mods: ULX, ServerGuard, xAdmin, and SAM.
Certain aspects are exposed through hooks for developer implementations.
Language support is built in. Clients can choose their own language from installed languages for the Menu text.
Discord logging supported! AWarn3 can print to a discord channel through webhooks when players are warned/kicked/banned through AWarn3.

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