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Accept The Rules [1.8 - 1.17] | Forces players to read and accept your rules

Submitted by Toxicboyow, , Thread ID: 222468

20-10-2021, 12:01 PM

Many players do not read the server rules and cannot follow them. "Accept the rules" offers a remedy at this point. And it is free!

Players must accept the server rules once and then play with the others. The rules are displayed on different pages so that no rule can be overlooked. At the end the player is asked whether he wants to accept these rules or not.

At this point a simple configuration can be used to decide what should happen if the player accepts or rejects the rules. When accepting the rules, e.g. ranks can be assigned or special items can be given to the players. This is left to the owner of the server.

The ATR plugin also offers the possibility to freeze a player until the rules are accepted. This function can be set via the configuration.

Usually the rules do not remain unchanged. Of course this has been taken into account and therefore the version of the rules can be set. As a result, all players receive the changes and can follow the rules.

With "Accept the rules" there will never again be the excuse: "I didn't read the rules ..." or "I didn't know where the rules are ...". Take a step into the future and simplify the communication of your server rules to your players with "Accept the rules".


A welcome message for players who have not yet accepted the rules
Freeze players to read the rules
Read rules interactively by clicking buttons
Simple notification of rule changes
Use of colors for your rules or messages
Variable commands when accepting or denying the rules
Get information about players, whether the rules were accepted and in which version
Everything configurable
Prevents chat messages, executing commands (with exceptions), moving on the server or interacting with objects until the rules are read and accepted
Markdown for rules

Download : https://anonfiles.com/d4m8e6P4ue/AccpetT..._v.7.5_jar

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