Adele 25

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[Image: 2251124.jpg]

Album: 25
Artist: Adele
Genre: Soul
Release Date: 2015

1 -Hello -0:00 [Image: vid.png]
2 -Send My Love (to Your New Lover) -0:00
3 -I Miss You -0:00
4 -When We Were Young -0:00
5 -Remedy -0:00
6 -Water Under the Bridge -0:00
7 -River Lea -0:00
8 -Love in the Dark -0:00
9 -Million Years Ago -0:00
10 -All I Ask -0:00
11 -Sweetest Devotion -0:00
12 -Can’t Let Go -0:00
13 -Lay Me Down -0:00
14 -Why Do You Love Me -0:00

25 is the upcoming third studio album recorded by British singer and songwriter Adele. It is scheduled to be released on 20 November 2015, through XL Recordings. Following the release and international success of Adele's second studio album 21, she had planned to quit the music industry and go out on a positive note. However, Adele decided to take a hiatus instead and raise her son. During her sabbatical, she suffered with writer's block and rescheduled the album's studio sessions fearing she had lost her ability to write songs. In 2013, Adele had a breakthrough and the material that eventually became 25 manifested, with writing and recording continuing through to 2015. According to the singer, the album's title is a reflection of her when she was 25 and the frame of mind she was in during that age.

The lead single, "Hello", was a critical and commercial success, with the single becoming a worldwide number one hit in 22 countries
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