[BIG SHARE] CPA Landing Pages
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[BIG SHARE] CPA Landing Pages
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Hello Legends, today i want to share with you something that i think have some value.

I think the most important files from the folder are:

Landing Pages (for CPA) - Size: 525 mb [ Subfolders: HTML Templates; LandingPages; Minisite Templates; More Landing Pages; More Squeeze Pages; SqueezePageTemplates; Bonus; Mobile Landing Pages
Squeeze pages 1 - Size: 583 mb
Squeeze pages 2 - Size: 583 mb
All files:
[Image: 2zsobon.jpg]
Sorry, but you need at least 25 posts and 5 hours online time to unlock hidden content.

Virus scan: Files are too big for virus total scan, but read this:
Quote:Quote:What does Virus Scan do?
Virus Scan works well as a standalone security product that protects the MediaFire community from malware being uploaded. It assures the user that the file that is being downloaded has been scanned for malware using award winning virus detection engine.

What happens if a malware is detected?
If Virus Scan detects a problem, it will flag the file and will not allow that file to be downloaded into the MediaFile network. Files that do not contain malware will continue to be uploaded into the MediaFire network.

Source: Mediafire Bitdefender FAQ

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