[BTC] Bitcoin Gold Mine, start earning bitcoins by doing nothing
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[BTC] Bitcoin Gold Mine, start earning bitcoins by doing nothing
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You are free to have this leak but bear in mind, it's not mine, so don't bother me if the links/program/source/whatever stop working. I take no responsibility of this, use at your own risk.

Hey Guys ! since i pretty much leeched here i wanted to share something with u
I found that site called Gold mine - ref link ( would be cool if u would choose that^^ http://btc-goldmine.com/r/41ff4aeb
non ref ( ) http://btc-goldmine.com/
All u need is a bit coin wallet like multibit or smth else you enter your btc adress and you can see 1 mine, this mine will get you 1,2k satoshi every 10 minutes.
which is 0.00172800 BTC/24h if u sit 24/7 on your PC .
you can upgrade or buy new mines with bitcoins but u can also use your earnings and buy a level 2 mine for example.
It's not much but atleast a bit for literally nothing hope u like it
http://gyazo.com/f7f...78ec578b93607ebfirst 6k satoshis on the way^^

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