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Blue's ATM - A Lightweight ATM/Bank system !

Submitted by noahwilliams62696, , Thread ID: 155627

17-01-2020, 03:24 AM
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What is Blue's ATM

Blue's ATM is a lightweight ATM addon designed to be integrated very easily into any map or gamemode. Crafted with care, it features a modern and intuitive design with a sleek model that fits almost any map. Blue's ATM takes advantage of stencils to allow it to be placed on any surface anywhere on the map, as a result it will fit any environment it's placed in. It also features a Chip 'n' Pin machine that allows users to safely make purchases to one another without the risk of the money being stolen.
This addon is no longer available to be purchased please respect the owner's wishes and spread his love and attention through the use of his addon.

  • Lightweight

  • Intuitive

  • Modern, easy to use UI

  • Easy to use translation file

  • Can be used anywhere thanks to the use of stencils

  • Sleek models.

  • Supports both MySQL and SQLite

  • Safe way to store and send money

  • Supports shared accounts

  • Comes with an ATM and a Chip 'n' Pin device

  • Plug and play installation (No set up required)

  • Supports both touchscreen and keypad use

  • View transaction history, allowing you to see all incoming and outgoing money to and from your account.

  • Has interest rate support, so users can be rewarded for storing their money in the bank.
     A preview of the ATM
[Image: 7bd9cba2ef2ad1771a60407a865819d3.jpg]
[Image: 1867e1328f94d0c70592cde08f0494ea.jpg]
[Image: pA1qUZd.gif]
[Image: O26VzD4.gif%22%22]

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