Change the Number of Rows Displayed 1.0.0
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Change the Number of Rows Displayed 1.0.0
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Do you hate the number 25?
Do you hate even more that you can't change the number of forum topics displayed when viewing a forum?
Well here you go!

This plugin has two options. It will let you change the number of forum topics displayed when viewing a forum and it will let you set the number of files displayed when viewing an IPS.Downloads category listing.

If there are other apps you would like to see hooked onto besides Forums and Downloads let me know. Those two seemed the most in need of this setting.

Feel free to toss some stars on this!


The default set by IPS is 25. I've tested plenty of times less than 25. Not so much more than 25. This is just a warning that setting this to some insanely high number might (???) break things what with the Ajax loading who knows what else is going on. If someone wants to give this a run with 50 per page or some such number I'd love a note back so I can confirm how high we can go before (if) anything breaks.

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