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by AndresXZ09 - 28-06-2015, 07:44 PM
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Posted: 28-06-2015, 07:44 PM

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The Meme Generator Wordpress Plugin is exactly what every Wordpress Blog has been looking for. Everyone loves seeing and making funny memes, so why not let users do that on your website? The Meme Generator Wordpress Plugin has all the features viral meme generator websites have and much more!

It let’s users see a set group of pictures picked by the admin on the left side and a random bunch of pictures that the admin has approved on the right side of the generator. And if that isn’t enough, users can upload their own pictures to make memes with!

The Meme Generator Wordpress Plugin let’s users download the meme they have generated and also submit it to the website, and if approved by the admin, let it appear on a page on the website. The admin has full control over what memes are published and aren’t so that no one can spam your website.

This plugin is fun for users and super easy for Wordpress site owners to use!

The plugin offers Meme Generator Code in a easy package that can be uploaded and installed on any Wordpress website.

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