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UZY - Secure PHP Login User Management System v2.1

by josiec09 - 07-06-2020, 01:04 PM
Jun 2020
Posted: 07-06-2020, 01:04 PM
Feature List
  • User System
    • Disable/Enable Registration
    • Users sign up providing their email, date of birth, name and a password.
    • Passwords are encrypted with PHPass Library
    • Sign in using your Twitter, Facebook or Google accounts
    • Forgot Your Password feature
    • User Groups which have different access levels (Member, Banned, Moderator, User Admin and Admin).
    • Remember Me feature
    • User’s have avatars
    • Includes User Panel that allows user to update their information
    • User can upload their own avatar (can be disabled in admin panel)
    • User can change their password in User Panel
  • News System
    • Can create news posts that provide information to your users on site updates.
    • Can view news posts in categories
    • News Posts can have comments (can be disabled per news post or globally)
    • News Comments Captcha protected
    • Moderator functions to delete comments
    • Share News Posts on Twitter and Facebook (buttons auto-generated)
    • News Posts use a WYSIWYG Editor and can add images and video (TinyMCE)
  • Mailbox System
    • Mailbox System allows users on your system to send messages to each other.
    • Get notifications when you receive new mail
    • View replies for each mail created (paginated)
    • Users can delete mail
    • Block list allows users to block other users from contacting them
  • Page System
    • The Page System acts as your Content Management System allowing you to add any number of pages to your site.
    • Displays newest page on the Page Index
    • Pages can be categorized
    • Pages can be restricted to logged in users only
    • Pages can be restricted to certain User Groups only (admin can view all)
    • Page voting to show how useful a page is (can be disabled)
    • Users a WYSIWYG editor and pages can have videos and images added
  • Contact Page
    • Your own contact page allows you to receive feedback from your users. You can view the feedback in the Admin Panel.
    • Captcha Protected to guard from bots
    • Can force users to be logged in in order to view Contact Page
  • Site Widgets
    • Comes with 3 Widgets that can be edited in the Admin Panel.
    • Twitter Widget to display your most recent tweets using the Twitter API (direct feed)
    • News Widget which displays the latest news posts and links to them
    • Advert Widget which allows you to add your own advert code
    • Widget options allow you to disable each one, as well as make them display on every page or only the frontpage.
  • Social Icons
    • Social Icons used to link to your other sites and sections.
    • Each can be disabled in the admin panel if you do not need them to be displayed.
  • Admin Panel
    • The Admin Panel can be accessed only by Moderators, User Admin and Admin User Groups. A link is displayed under the Home tab.
    • Can change site name, site email and site logo.
    • Can change the site theme by selecting one of the 2 we have created for you; you can easily add your own too!
    • Option to disable Social Login
    • Option to disable Page Voting
    • Option to disable Avatar Uploading
    • Option to disable Registration
    • Option to disable News Comments
    • Option to allow guests to use the Contact Page
    • Option to disable the entire Mailbox System
    • Social Media Settings which allow you to enter your Twitter Account to display tweets in the Twitter Widget, as well as setup your Social Login Keys to enable Social Logins to the UZY System.
    • Widget Settings allow you to edit the behavior of widgets in the sidebar. Options include to fully disable a widget, to show it on every page or to only show it on the frontpage. You can also enter your own advert code for Google Adsense or any other type of advert you wish to display.
    • Add News allows you to add a news post to the site; includes WYSIWYG editor. Upload the thumbnail and main news image, option to disable comments and select your news category.
    • Edit News
    • Add News Category
    • Edit News Category (Delete too)
    • Add Page allows you to add a new page to the Page System; includes a WYSIWYG editor and you can also restrict pages to logged in users or particular user groups.
    • Edit Page (Delete too)
    • Add Page Category
    • Edit Page Category
    • Add Theme – allows you to add your own theme to the site.
    • Edit Theme
    • Add User to the system directly in the Admin Panel
    • Edit User (Delete too)
    • Search User – search by email or IP address
    • IP Blocking allows you to block users IP address from logging into your site.
    • Add User Group- add your own custom User Groups that have privileges
    • Edit User Group (Delete too)

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