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Here is a leak of Content Management Interfacehttps://www.spigotmc.org/resources/content-management-interface.3742/

[Image: 5bb07b3bfeabee475b57e7d5e7cfba8c3c2f560a...ewlogo.jpg]

[Image: 62865ce127cce3619956379fbb22f8fcef14df4e...Fabout.jpg]
This plugin will allow you to check a player's inventory or enderchest and edit it as you like. However, what makes CMI unique is you can do all of this even if the player is offline! Still not sold? What if I told you it was also possible to edit a player's armor, potion effects, location, health, exp, hunger, compass target, game-mode, walk speed, fly speed, and even spawn location no matter if the player is online or not! You can even toggle a player's fly on or off, teleport to players, change their max health, or get anyone's player skull. All features can be done even if a player is offline. With a rich GUI full of options and information so you can administrate your server easily, CMI makes many features a thousand times easier for anyone running a server. Want to give a player creative but you're afraid they might logout? No big deal! Forget about it, it's no problem at all with CMI. You can use the GUI to view/edit a player's information in real time, or if you're not too fond of that there is also a text-based way to view everything. You can even search thro all players inventories for specific item if you have lost some like in example uber mega drive stick with 1000 punch power. New features are being added all the time, and the price of this plugin may rise soon, so grab your copy now!

Thx 357 for plugins new description

[Image: add8759ae66654ace7534f69b8352c1a20ff2af7...tion21.jpg]

[Image: 0ae2f87c8bb1e788fcfa74f356c4017eeb6a77d7...videos.jpg]
Updated video from Haganite Plays

Quick showcase of plugins features by Hagenite Plays

Plugins review by
Hagenite Plays

Showcase of search function in CMI plugin

[Image: 0a344ab50aecb19932fa926a5fcf2a279c66af6b...encies.jpg]
Java 7 and up
PaperSpigot/Spigot/Bukkit - 1.7.10/1.8.x/1.9.x/1.10.x/1.11.x

[Image: 9b76d72271ae7b801c4e0cdcb872bd3c89f2400c...atures.jpg]
- Lightweight
- Over 110 commands and not even including separate features

- Uses[b]aliases system[/b]to simplify long commands (Can be enabled or disabled separately in config file)
- Have ingame custom alias editor to change any command to your laking.

- Global place holder system
- Detailed player statistics

[Image: ed60f494bc7a32909853791ca068a7de420d4794...Fstats.jpg]
- Controls Totembehavior in new usefull way to have best experience with them
- Custom text system to show defined text by performing defined commands by you
- Kitsystem with integratedkit creation GUI

-Hassearch functionallyto search throw all players (offline and PlayerVaults to) by:
  • item byid

  • item by itsname

  • item by itslore

  • item by itsenchant level

  • potion's by itscustom effect levels

  • players bygame mode

  • players byfly mode

  • players bygod mode

  • Option to remove items automatically during search
- Hasscan functionalityto scan whole map for particular items in
  • chests,

  • traped chests,

  • shulker boxes,

  • hoppers,

  • armorstands,

  • item frames,

  • furnaces,

  • dropers,

  • brewing stands,

  • horses with chests,

  • minecart with chest

  • [b]minecart withhopper[/b]

  • Option to remove items automatically during scan
- Canfix broken chunksin your world
- Integrated schedule system which will allow automatic command execution on defined time or in regular intervals
- Can replace blocks in particular range by chunks or for entire world! Extremely useful if you want to remove in example mob spawners from your world.
- Server chunkViewRangedepending by users permissions, up to 32 chunks!
- Canunlock item repair costand allow item repairing up to 2147483647 levels
- Can unlock books for editing
- Can hide item flags
- Can fix light glitches in map
-BackPackscan be used by utilizing Shulker boxes in your inventory
- Can cuff player and prevent hies actions while investigation is going on
- Can lock players ip and prevent any other users from trying to log into hies account from another pc
- Can clean server with simple command from unvanted items like: droped items (excluding weapons/armor/tools), exp orbs, arrows, projectiles, primed tnt and falling blocks.
- Perform commands on specific events:joinServer, quitServer, playerDeath, playerRespawn, playerTeleport, bedLeave, bedEnter, playerWorldChange, playerGameModeChange, playerKick, playerLevelChange
- Can fully control players damage based by permissions

Spoiler:Damage Control
- Can unload chunks to free up servers memory
- Can give boost for elytra to have ultimate flying experience in cost of your exp or specific items. With speed indicator and speed limit.
[Image: ddd0a61387e3f5c19f2ed356f944ce4dedb4b24c...Fspeed.jpg]

- Can load map for up to 32 chunks range for area preview
- Can clean old player data files by players offline days fromplayerdata folder
Can make spawner to drop item with set type for later placement and getting same spawner.
- Sendtitle messagesdirectly to player
- Sendaction bar messagesdirectly to player
- Can allow to drop spawner with particular chance when destroying them with tnt or with help of creeper.
- Can limit in how tight spawners are placed on ground to avoid from players creating huge mob farms with dozens of spawners in one place
- Can give each player spawner charges which ones will limit in how many player can mine in particular time frame
- Can show accounts depending by its IP
- Player can have their own home locations
- Warp locations can be set for players to be used

Spoiler:Spawner charges
- Can control servers time
Spoiler:Time lord
- Can control players personal time
SpoilerTongueersonal time
- Can control servers weather
- Can spawn any entity with fully customizable variables

- Can clean old player data files by players offline days fromstats folder
- Can clean oldEssentials player datafiles by players offline days
- Can clean oldLWC protectionsby players offline days
- Shows detailed information about player including hies previously changed names (online servers only)
- Can show detailed list of all nicknames player had before with dates when he have changed it (online servers only)
[Image: 3e641c6dc7ed88734465bb0e1d8d3e2613451ec7...whowas.jpg]
-Can editonline/offlineplayersinventory
Can editonline/offlineplayersender chest
Canfill itemin your hand to maximum size
- Canspawn treeat location you are looking
-Canopen workbenchfor you or other player
-Canopen villager trade windowfor you or other player
-Cansilently(without open animation) open chests for preview
- Can allow joining full servers with permission node
- Can set spawn point for players for them to have simple teleport point or respawn after death
- Build in command cooldown system to prevent intence command usage. Cooldowns are being saved even after server restart.
- Build in command warmup system to prevent command usage like /tp instant and prevent players from running away from pvp.
- Can show total players play time on server and first join date
- Can change server player slots without needing to restart server for change to take effect
- Has build in counter to count down from defined amount. usefull for pvp duels
- Allows block place/break in simetric maner for quick and simple builds
- Can inform administration about particular players login
- Can block chorus teleportation with permission node
- Cangive itemswith custom name, lore or enchantings to online/offline player. Specialized mob spawner support. Official item tag support

Spoiler:Special variables
-Can changeonline/offlineplayergame mode!
-Can changeonline/offlineplayergod mode!
-Can givetemporary godmode for player, until relog
[b]-[/b]Can changeonline/offlineplayer[b]fly mode![/b]
[b]-[/b]Can givetemporary fly modefor player, until relog
-Can changeonline/offlineplayerfly speed!
-Can changeonline/offlineplayerwalk speed!
[b]-[/b]Can changeonline/offlineplayer[b]spawn location![/b]
[b][b]-[/b][/b]Can changeonline/offlineplayerpotion effects!

- NickName change with color codes/black lists and other limittations
- Can automatically change players game mode to defined one on world change
- Can automatically change players fly mode to defined on world change
- Can automatically change players god mode to defined on world change

- Checkserver status


[b][b]-[/b][/b]You canteleportall online/offlineplayers fromspecific world!
-You canteleport to online/offlineplayers location!
- You canteleport backto your death location!

-Can changeonline/offlineplayers[b]maxhealth[b][b]![/b][/b][/b]
- Can set spawner by looking at it and performing simple command.
-[/b]Canfeed online/offlineplayer!
-Canclear online/offlineplayers inventory!
-Canclear online/offlineplayers ender chest!
- Can disable public chat for player for clean chat and avoid spam if you are creating video.
- Canchange sign text lineswith simple command. Option to change multyple sign lines at once. Takes in considiration if player can build in that location and prevents any sign text change where he cant.
Spoiler:Sign text
- Can copy sign text from one sign to multyple another ones with simple command.
- Can repair items foronline/offlineplayers
- Can enchant item foronline/offlineplayers
- Can change item name foronline/offlineplayer
- Can change item lore foronline/offlineplayer
[b][b][b]-[/b][/b][/b]Can changeonline/offlineplayersexp!
[b][b]-[/b][/b]Can changeonline/offlineplayershunger!
[b][b]-[/b][/b]Can changeonline/offlineplayerscompass pointer target!
[b][b]-[/b][/b]Can changeonline/offlineplayersHat to any block!
- Can spawn anyplayers headand give it foronline/offlineplayer
- Can teleport to any world location
- Can print out list of players with OP
- Can show playernickname change historyover Mojang page
- Can clear chat
- Can show all posible color codes

- Editplayers inventory in real time
- Saveinventory at any time you want
-Loadinventory from saves
- Saveinventory on playersdeathfor future restore
- Check players position in world with extra information when hovering over message
[Image: 18448c46cbe91e68c6ea9a2ddfd1e6e9e5be1ce4...%2Fpos.jpg]
- Show message with death location
[Image: 2fe2b32852b88d52bb98b344a4235d1325614ad6...athloc.jpg]

[Image: 52851e28172d03237672ee0fb4b209c6e4d48189...mmands.jpg]
For all commands there is no difference if player is online or not.
[] - required () - optional
/cmi ender [nickname]or/cend [nickname]- Opens players ender chest
/cmi inv [nickname]or/cinv [nickname]- Opens players inventory
/cmi backor/cback- Returns into last saved location
/cmi hat (playername)or/chat (playername)- sets players hat into item you are holding
/cmi head [playername] (playername)- spawns players head and gives it to player
/cmi tp [[b]playername] (playername)[/b]- teleports player to another players location
/cmi tppos (playerName) [x] [y] [z] (world) (pitch) (yaw)- teleports player to specific location
/cmi silence (on/off)- toggles public chat visibility for you. Will add [!] in front of message to inform that this message visible only for you.
/cmi ping (nickname)- Shows players ping
/cmi settp[nickname] (nickname) -sets spawn point for player
/cmi maxhp [nickname] [amount]- sets players maxhp
/cmi heal [nickname]- heals player
/cmi feed (nickname)- Feeds player
/cmi se [lineNumber] [text]- Changes sign text line to defined one. New line can be included by writing/n
/cmi toggletotem
- Shows or hides totem bossbar
/cmi lockip (nickName) (add/remove/clear/list) (ip) -sets players ip
/cmi cuff (nickName) (true/false)- cuffs players
/cmi sc- Starts sign text copy process
/cmi workbench (nickname)- Opens workbench
/cmi merchant [type] (nickname)- Opens villager trade window
/cmi clear [nickname]- clears players inventory
/cmi effect [nickname] [effectname/clear] [duration] [power]- adds or removes special effects from player
/cmi hunger [nickname] [amount]- sets players hunger
/cmi time [freeze-unfreeze-day-night-dusk-morning-add-take-realtime-autorealtime-15:25-3:25pm-9416ticks] (worldname/all)
[b]/cmi ptime [freeze-unfreeze-day-night-dusk-morning-realtime-reset-15:25-3:25pm-9416ticks] (playername)
/cmi weather (sun/rain/storm) (worldName/all) (duration/lock) -
[/b]shows (no arguments provided) or sets worlds weather for particular duration
/cmi fly [nickname] (true/false) (-s)- sets players fly mode
/cmi glow [nickname] (true/false/color) (-s)- sets players glow mode including its color. 1.9+ servers
/cmi tfly [nickname] ([b][b]timeInSec[/b]) (-s)[/b]- give temporary fly mode for player, automatically disables on players logoff if 0 sec used.
/cmi god [nickname] (true/false) (-s)- sets players god mode
/cmi tgod [nickname] ([b]timeInSec) (-s)[/b]- give temporary god mode for player, disables automatically on logoff if 0 sec used.
/cmi flyspeed [nickname] [amount 1-10]- sets players fly speed
/cmi walkspeed [nickname] [amount 1-10]- sets players walk speed
/cmi gm [nickname] [0/1/2/3 survival/creative/adventure/spectator]- sets players game mode
/cmi exp [nickname] [amount]- sets players exp, use L at end to set by levels
/cmi repair (playername) [hand/armor/all]- repairs items for player
/cmi enchant (playername) [enchantname] [level]- enchant item you or target player holds in hand
/cmi charges (playername) (set/add/take/clear/reset) (-f)- allows to see your own charges or edit another player
/cmi itemname [playername] [remove/your_new_item_name]- Change item name
/cmi itemlore [playername] [loreLine] [remove/insert/new text]- change item lore for scpecific line
/cmi spawner [Type]- Set spawner to particular type
/cmi spawnmob [entityType]- Spawns entity
/cmi oplist- Shows all players with OP
/cmi groundclean- Cleans server from unvanted items on ground
/cmi unloadchunks- Unloads chunks to free up memory
/cmi status- Shows basic information about your server and worlds
/cmi compass [playername] (playername)- sets players compass pointer to target location
/cmi info [playername]- shows detailed information about player
/cmi whowas [playername]- shows full list of players previous names with dates when he changed it
/cmi list (playername)- Shows list of saved inventories for player
/cmi check (playername) [id]- Opens saved inventory in preview mode
/cmi load (playername) [playername] [id]- Loads saved inventory to specific player
/cmi save (playername)- Saves players inventory
/cmi saveall (days)- Saves all players inventory. If day given, then will players inventory ho logged in in that day range.
/cmi tpall [worldname]- teleport ALL players from specific world to your location
/cmi search id [id:data](purge) - searches throw ALL players inventories and ender chests for specific item.
/cmi search name [some item name](purge) - searches throw ALL players inventories and ender chests for specific item.
/cmi search lore [some lore](purge) - searches throw ALL players inventories and ender chests for specific item.
/cmi search enchant [base level](purge) - searches throw ALL players inventories and ender chests for specific item by its enchant level.
/cmi search potion [base level](purge) - searches throw ALL players inventories and ender chests for specific potion by its custom effect level.
/cmi search gm [0/1/2/3 or survival/creative/adventure/spectator]- searches throw ALL players with specific game mode.
/cmi search fly [true or false]- searches throw ALL players with specific fly mode.
/cmi lfix (range up to view range)- fixes lightning glitches around you
/cmi preview [range] (innerrange)- loads map around you for map preview
/cmi viewrage [range]- change your view range up to 32 chunks
/cmi give [nickname] [itemname:data or id:data] (amount) n &3Item_name l &3item_Lore/n&3Second_line e lure:2,dig_speed:3- gives item to specific player. Use _ to separate words in one line and /n to split lines in lore.
/cmi scan- scans map or range chunks for specific items in any place whic one can hold item inside. For more info how to use it/cmi scaningame. Option to use purge variable in command to automatically clean items.
/cmi fixchunk w [worldname] r [range in chunks/g] c [centerX:centerZ]- Scans map for possible broken chunks
/cmi purge (stop)- cleans old player data files form playerdata or/and stats or/and plugins/Essentials/playerdata or/and LWC protections depending how long player is offline. Can move files to backup folder for option to reuse them later. Usable only from console and disabled by default for safety reasons.
/cmi lastonline [timeRnage/list/stop] [page]- Scan all players and shows list of them ho have played in last x minutes on server. Ignoring currently online.
/cmi replaceblock id mob_spawner w stone r 30 y 73 -replaces all spawner blocks in 30 chunks range under 73 level to stone. ifw [blockname]is not provided, block will be removed. variable y [level] is entirely optional, but helps to speed up process if there is no blocks above that level.
/cmi more (nickName)- Fills item to maximum amount
/cmi tree [treeType]- Spawns tree at location you are looking
/cmi counter start/leave/join (t:time) (r:range) (-f) -starts counter for nearby players
/cmi maxplayers [amount]- Sets server player slot amount
/cmi alert [playerName]- Sets player on alert mode, and inform all staff members on hies login into server.
/cmi mirror [start/stop]- Allows place/break blocks in symmetric way.
/cmi kit [kitName]- Allows to pick kit
/cmi setspawn (playerName) (true/false)- Set spawn point
/cmi spawn (playerName)- Teleports to spawn point
/cmi playtime (playerName)- Shows players play time on server
/cmi pos (playerName)- Shows player position information including biome and light level
/cmi sethome (name)- set home location
/cmi home (name)- teleports to home location
/cmi removehome (name)- removes home
/cmi setwarp (name)- set warp location
/cmi warp (name)- teleports to warp location
/cmi removewarp (name)- removes warp location
/cmi checkaccount (name/ip)- shows accounts connect to particular account via IP address.
/cmi seen (playerName)- Shows when player was last seen

[Image: c5356cac7e1badbb70d65fe9ae4be620fdf536b7...ssions.jpg]
In most cases missing permission node will be shown by hovering error message ingame chat.
Permission basic ruleiscmi.command.[commandName]to have access to particular command (example: cmi.command.heal) and some of them will require additional permission node if you are trying to perform command not on your self:cmi.command.[commandName].others(example: cmi.command.heal.others)
  • cmi.command.[commandname].cooldownbypass -bypasses command cooldown

  • cmi.command.[commandname].warmupbypass -bypasses command warmup

  • cmi.openshulker- allows to open shulker box from your inventory

  • cmi.enderedit- Grants option to edit ender chest

  • cmi.invedit- Grants option to edit inventory

  • cmi.msg.colors- Allows to send colorized messages

  • cmi.title.colors- Allows to send colorized title messages

  • cmi.actionbar.colors- Allows to send colorized action bar messages

  • cmi.egginteract.[type]- Grants option to change spawner with specific monster egg

  • cmi.command.spawner.[type]- Grants access to set spawner to particular type

  • cmi.dropspawner- Allows to get spawner back after destroying it with silk touch

  • cmi.dropspawner.nosilk- Allows to get spawner back after destroying it even without using silktouch pickaxe

  • cmi.command.[b]glow.[/b]- Grants access to set glow mode to particular color

  • cmi.command.cuff.bypass- Allows to protect player from being cuffed

  • cmi.command.repair.hand- Grants access to repair item in hand

  • cmi.command.repair.armor- Grants access to repair all armor

  • cmi.command.repair.all- Grants access to repair all items in inventory

  • cmi.command.enchant.bypasslimit- Grants access to bypass enchant limitations

  • cmi.command.flyspeed.[number]- Grants access to defined max speed

  • cmi.command.[b]walkspeed.[number][/b]- Grants access to defined max speed

  • cmi.command.gm.[gamemode]- Grants option to set gm to specific game mode

  • cmi.command.gm.others.[gamemode]- Grants option to set gm for another player to specific game mode

  • cmi.command.more.oversize- Allows to create over sized stacks

  • cmi.command.openchest- Grants access to the scan chest edit function

  • cmi.command.openentity- Grants access to the scan entity inv edit function

  • cmi.buttonteleport- Grants access to the teleport button

  • cmi.viewrange- grants access to have dynamic view range

  • cmi.viewrange.[range]- determines how far you can see in chunks, up to 15

  • cmi.namehistory- enables to see players name history when he is logged in or when checking with /cmi info command

  • cmi.worldlimit.gamemode.bypass- Prevent game mode to be changed on world change if feature is enabled

  • cmi.worldlimit.fly.bypass- Prevent flymode to be changed on world change if feature is enabled

  • cmi.worldlimit.god.bypass- Prevent god mode to be changed on world change if feature is enabled

  • cmi.deathlocation- grants access to death message with death location

  • cmi.elytra- will allow elytra usage in general

  • cmi.elytra.boost- will allow usage of elytra boost

  • cmi.elytra.superboost- will allow usage of super boost

  • cmi.elytra.speedometer- allows you to see speedometer while flying.

  • cmi.chorusteleport- allows chorus fruit teleportations

  • cmi.command.alert.inform- allows to see alerts on tagged players login

  • cmi.fullserver.bypass- allows to join full server

  • cmi.command.counter.force- allows to show counter for everyone in range

  • cmi.command.counter.time- allows to change counters default time

  • cmi.command.counter.range- allows to change counters default range

  • cmi.kit.[kitName]- allows to use particular kit

  • cmi.kit.bypass.exp- bypass exp requirement

  • cmi.kit.bypass.money- bypass money requirement

  • cmi.spawners.charge.[groupName]- set players spawner charge group

  • cmi.spawners.charge.bypass- allows to bypass spawner charge limitations

  • cmi.command.charges.edit- allows to edit spawner charges for others

  • cmi.spawners.proximity.bypass- allows to bypass spawner placement proximity limitation.

  • cmi.anvil.nolimits- Allows to repair items over 39 repair costs

  • cmi.anvil.colors- Allows to use color codes for item name when using anvil

  • cmi.book.colors- Allows to use color codes in books

  • cmi.broadcast.colors- Allows to use color codes in broadcast messages

  • cmi.me.colors- Allows to use color codes in me command

  • cmi.command.tgod.give- Allows to give tgod mode

  • cmi.command.tfly.give- Allows to give tfly mode

  • cmi.colors.publicmessage.[colorName]- allows to use color in public chat

  • cmi.colors.publicmessage.[colorName]- allows to use color in private messages

  • cmi.colors.nickname.[colorName]- allows to use colors in cnick name

  • cmi.command.nick.different- allows to change nick name into different one

  • cmi.command.nick.bypassblacklist- allows to bypass nick black list

  • cmi.command.nick.bypassinuse- allows to change nick name into already being used

  • cmi.command.info.ip- allows to see players ip address with this command

  • cmi.command.info.deathlocation- allows to see players death location by hovering over hies current location

  • cmi.command.warp.[warpname] -allows to use particular warp if permission requirement is set for that warp location

  • cmi.safeteleport- allows for player to use safe teleport feature

  • cmi.saveinv- allows to save players inventory on its death if permission requirement is set in config file

  • cmi.command.tptoggle.bypass -Allows to bypass tptoggle
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This is wonderful. Cheers, man. Been looking for a way to avoid paying $10.00.

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thanks for leaking my m8 i like this site

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