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Installation & Content

This addon supports DarkRP 2.7.0+

Extract ch_atm to your addons folder.

Please visit the Setup & Customizing tab to see how you configure the addon.

Setup & Customizing

To customize the general settings go to ch_atm/lua/ch_atm/shared/ch_atm_config.lua

To edit or add the account levels go to ch_atm/lua/ch_atm/shared/ch_atm_config_upgrades.lua

setup atms

From the Q menu you can spawn ATMs. Navigate to Q -> Entities -> ATM by Crap-Head.

Place the ATMs around the map as you'd like.

Type !adminatm in chat and you can save ATMs in the Settings tab.

credit card & terminal

You can give players a credit card by default. Follow this simple guide.

The credit card terminals are purchasable through the F4 menu by all jobs.

To edit the entity go to ch_atm/lua/ch_atm/shared/ch_atm_darkrpadds.lua


    Language Config
    English: en - Danish: da - French: fr - Spanish: es - Polish: pl - Russian: ru
CH_ATM.Config.Language = "en" -- Set the language of the script.

    Default Config
CH_ATM.Config.ATMCurrency = "darkrp" -- What gamemode/currency do you want to store in the ATM? Supported are basewars, bricks_credit_store, darkrp, helix, mtokens, pointshop2, pointshop2_premium, santosrp, sh_pointshop, sh_pointshop_premium, underdone

CH_ATM.Config.NotificationTime = 8 -- Amount of seconds to show notifications
CH_ATM.Config.DistanceToScreen3D2D = 5000 -- Distance between the player and the 3d2d to draw

CH_ATM.Config.AdminATMChatCommand = "!adminatm" -- Chat command to open ATM admin menu

CH_ATM.Config.WalletLooseOnDeathPercentage = 1 -- How many percetange of the players wallet to loose on death (not bank account)? Set to 0 to disable.
CH_ATM.Config.MaximumToLooseOnDeath = 10000 -- How much money can a player maximum loose on death?
CH_ATM.Config.DropMoneyOnDeath = true -- Should the money lost be dropped on death? If true it will drop, if false they will just vanish.

    Teams Config
CH_ATM.Config.PoliceTeams = { -- The DarkRP team name that defines the police teams on your server (put the names as shown on your scoreboard).
    ["Police Officer"] = true,
    ["Police Chief"] = true,

CH_ATM.Config.CriminalTeams = { -- The DarkRP team name that defines who can hack/lockpick ATM's(put the names as shown on your scoreboard).
    ["Citizen"] = true,
    ["Gangster"] = true,
    ["Criminal"] = true,

    Interest Config
    See more interest configs in ch_atm_config_upgrades.lua
CH_ATM.Config.InterestInterval = 600 -- Once a player joins this interval starts to count. Every x second it will generate a percentage interval based on the config.

CH_ATM.Config.InterestToTakeOnBankRobbery = 0.0005 -- SUPPORT FOR BANK ROBBERY 2 AND PVAULT How much interest to take from all players when bank is robbed
CH_ATM.Config.MoneyPercentToTakeOnBankRobbery = 0.002 -- SUPPORT FOR BANK ROBBERY 2 AND PVAULT How many percent of a players bank account money should we take from all players when bank is robbed

    ATM Hacking/Lockpicking
CH_ATM.Config.HackingTime = 60 -- How many seconds does it take to lockpick an ATM successfully

CH_ATM.Config.HackingPlayersRequired = 5 -- How many online players required to lockpick an ATM?
CH_ATM.Config.HackingPoliceOfficersRequired = 3 -- How many online players must be police officer in order to lockpick ATMs?

CH_ATM.Config.PlayerHackingCooldownTime = 1200 -- For how many seconds do we cooldown the player before they can lockpick any ATM again
CH_ATM.Config.ATMHackCooldownTime = 600 -- For how many seconds should the ATM be on cooldown after a hack (making it un-useable for everybody). 0 to disable.

CH_ATM.Config.MoneyRewardForHackingMin = 100 -- Minimum amount of money to be "rewarded" for hacking an ATM.
CH_ATM.Config.MoneyRewardForHackingMax = 10000 -- Maximum amount of money to be "rewarded" for hacking an ATM.

CH_ATM.Config.InterestToTakeForHacking = 0.0002 -- How much interest to take from all players when an ATM is hacked?

CH_ATM.Config.EmitSoundOnHacking = true -- Should we emit an alarm sound from the ATM once hacking begins?
CH_ATM.Config.TheAlarmSound = "ambient/_period.wav ambient/alarms/alarm1.wav" -- The alarm sound path
CH_ATM.Config.AlarmSoundVolume = 100 -- The volume the sound is emitted at

CH_ATM.Config.MakePlayerWantedOnHack = true -- Should we make the hacker wanted once he begins lockpicking the ATM?
CH_ATM.Config.PlayerWantedTime = 120 -- For how long should we make him wanted?

CH_ATM.Config.UnwantedAfterHacking = false -- Once hacking finishes (success or failed) do we make him unwanted?

    Credit Card / Terminal Config
CH_ATM.Config.DistanceToTerminal = 7000 -- Distance between player  with a credit card and credit card scanner for it to swipe.
CH_ATM.Config.UseCreditCardDelay = 4 -- How many seconds delay on using your credit card? MINIMUM 3 SECONDS!

CH_ATM.Config.TerminalDefaultColor = Color( 255, 255, 255, 255 ) -- What color should the credit card terminal be by default?

    If you want to use SQLite or MySQLOO then enable this config.
    Then define what database module you want to use. SUPPORTED ONES ARE sqlite and mysqloo.
    Then go to lua/ch_atm/server/mysql/mysql_connect.lua and type in your sql credentials.
CH_ATM.Config.EnableSQL = false -- Enable or disable using SQL.
CH_ATM.Config.SQLModule = "mysqloo" -- Whish SQL module should we use? mysqloo or sqlite

CH_ATM.Config.MaximumTransactionsToShow = 10 -- How many transactions should we maximum network to the player?


Models by Sterling

Banners by Miskie

MySQL Wrapper by AlexGrist

Translations by FlavSnip, Tekiad, Hejfi, Mactavish and Lexus

Font is Roboto & Montserrat by Google

Icons made by Iconjam, kliwir art, rizky adhitya pradana, Becris. Pixel perfect from Flaticon

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