Create ERC20 Token on Ethereum

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20-06-2022, 01:28 PM
Ethereum is the most famous blockchain in the crypto industry for crypto token creation.
It is an open-source and public blockchain network that uses smart contracts to create new crypto tokens and the creation of decentralized applications. Currently, it is the most preferred blockchain among many crypto startups and crypto business people over other blockchains.

In the Ethereum blockchain - ERC20, ERC721, and ERC1400 are the most commonly known token standards. Among these, the ERC20 token standard itself attracts the most budding startups. It is one of the best fungible token standards and includes the best technical functionalities. Startups can create their crypto token by choosing Ethereum ERC20 token standard for their crowdfunding campaign like ICO or using it for effective trading.

Follow these steps to create ERC20 tokens
  • Initially, create a token by fixing the unique token name, token symbol, supply, and decimal
  • Start to develop code
  • Test the code, generate, and validate the smart contract
  • Customize the code if needed
  • Verify the code
  • Deploy the token

The ERC20 token is simple and easy to use which is why it is more desirable than other tokens. If you create an Ethereum ERC20 Token, its transactions will be faster and more efficient. Moreover, you can also generate high revenue as it has great familiarity and widespread use.

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