Custom Sidebar Blocks 2.1.1
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Custom Sidebar Blocks 2.1.1
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Create, store, and display unlimited custom index sidebar blocks without needing to perform any file/skin edits. You can use plain text, bbcode, html, javascript, or PHP. This means paypal donate buttons, youtube videos, facebook like widgets, (so anything based on html and javascript), or anything you can post in an IPB editor can be displayed as an index block. System is cached so no extra querying is needed.

As of version 2.0, PHP blocks are possible. I will be providing block details for various blocks here. Here are the first couple: [*]Today's Top Posters [*]Pinned Topics
Global Settings include: [*]On/Off [*]Show on Portal [*]Show above default portal blocks or below [*]Can change position of all custom blocks via the drag/drop reordering of the ACP->Manage Hooks page (and further ordering via the custom blocks themselves) [*]All blocks are completely sortable now with new Export Block feature
Per-Block Settings include: [*]On/Off [*]Block Title [*]Block Image [*]Block Content [*]Use IPB-standard Block Table to house contents [*]Drag and Drop Sorting [*]Raw Mode? (for javascript/adsense/widgets/facebook apps/twitter/etc) [*]Remove Ability for User to Collapse Block? (Good for advertisements, donation buttons, etc) [*]Enable Permissions [*]View Permissions via built-in IPB permission masks [*]PHP Support (with most/all IPB objects read, such as $this->memberData, $this->DB, etc)
The new setting which turns off the IPB editor is to avoid parsing issues with PHP and RAW blocks. If you want the editor so you can make bbcode blocks easier, feel free to enable.

Sorry, but you need at least 25 posts and 5 hours online time to unlock hidden content.

04-17-2015, 06:55 AM
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