[DBTech] DragonByte SEO v1.4.4 [Lite]

by HaVoK - 25-02-2015, 10:35 PM
Feb 2015
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Improve your URL structure and alleviate duplicate content penalties for your forum with DragonByte SEO, a search engine optimisation mod for vBulletin 3.8.x and vBulletin 4.x.x.

DragonByte SEO is a complete, modern and fully supported Search Engine Optimisation solution for vBulletin 3.8.x and vBulletin 4.x.x, allowing you to easily eliminate duplicate content penalties from search engines and improve the search engine friendliness of your content URLs via multiple powerful tools.

By giving you total control over how the URLs are presented, DragonByte SEO allows you to customise your site's URL structure should you so choose, or leave the settings at their default values for a "set-it-and-forget-it" experience.

Integrated sitemap builders automatically submit multiple content types to various search engines, ensuring any new URL formats are instantly picked up upon.

Customer Performance Data

This graph was provided by a customer demonstrating the changes he noticed while running DragonByte SEO. Click here to read more details.

A report showing changes across multiple customers sites/setups is in the works.


Other addons available @ http://www.DragonByte-Tech.com/forum
Support posted at our forum is generally answered much quicker.


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What does 'Marking As Installed' do ?

* It helps you to stay on top of updates - members who have installed modifications will be notified by us whenever new updates are available.

* For security issues - vbulletin.org will contact all members who have installed a modification whenever a security issue is brought to their attention.

* Marking a modification as installed also helps us know how many people are using our work, giving us extra incentive to provide more features and new modifications.

We appreciate the support!


Major Features (Lite)

PHP 5.4 Support: By creating DragonByte SEO on PHP 5.4, we've been able to ensure compatibility with this PHP version in the event you or your host decides to upgrade in order to continue to receive bugfix and security updates.

Google Analytics Integration: You can easily integrate Google Analytics with your forum by simply entering your account ID, and choose the level of detail you want to track.

Dynamic Meta Tags: Meta Keywords and Descriptions can become content-aware on certain pages like blogs and threads, increasing the relevance of these pages.

External Link Handling: You can choose to add "nofollow" to all external links, preventing search engine spiders from leaving your site. With the ability to fine-tune where this applies, white- and blacklist support as well as optional anonymisation techniques, you are in complete control over your external references.

Powerful URL Rewrites: Almost every URL found in vBulletin can be rewritten via powerful rewrite rules, enabling you to customise your rule set to perfection. The default rewrite URL settings match that of DragonByte-Tech!

Sitemap Generation: Sitemaps can be automatically created for all supported URLs, and automatically submitted to search engines.

Major Features (Pro)

vBSEO Importer: DragonByte SEO is compatible with vBSEO rewrite rules, and can import your rule set from the latest version of vBSEO seamlessly.

Custom URL Rewrites: Take further control over your forum URLs with the ability to write your own URL formats.

Custom Blog Domain: Run your vBulletin Blog from blog.yourdomain.com (or any other domain you wish).

Custom CMS Domain: Run your vBulletin CMS from cms.yourdomain.com (or any other domain you wish).

Custom Rewrite Rules: If you have custom vBulletin-powered pages, you can create rewrite rules for them using this feature.

Custom Sitemap URLs: Your custom pages can also be added to the sitemap, with individual update frequency / priority / last update date settings.

Custom 301 Redirects: You no longer have to edit your server-side rewrite rules in order to create 301 redirects for your content.

Content-Aware SEO Titles: Blogs, CMS Articles and Threads can generate SEO titles based on the content rather than the title, great for forums with a high number of unhelpful titles.

Advanced Logging: Spider and Sitemap hits can be logged, and the logs can be browsed via the DBSEO AdminCP via the same intuitive interface used in vBulletin's own log browsers.

Complete Feature List (Lite)

Persistent SEO Titles
Store SEO'd titles in a database table
Saves processing when loading a page
Ability to turn it off via settings

vBulletin Options
Display Version Number
Branding Free Key
Disable Hivelocity Link (Lite only)
(Optional) Conntrol Panel Password
Whether the password replaces or augments usergroup settings

Usergroup Permissions
Can Administer DragonByte SEO

Sitemap Generator
Based on the default vB4 sitemap builder
Submits to more search engines than vBSEO sitemap builder & vB4 sitemap builder
Powerful error handling
Works with the "Global Ignore" system
Integrates with the "Admin Message" system to display errors if needed
Can be re-built manually via the DBSEO CP

Sitemap Settings - General
Enable Automatic Sitemap Generation
Automatic Sitemap Generation Frequency (Days)
Automatic Sitemap Search Engine Submission
Sitemap File Path
URLs Per Page
Email Notifications

Sitemap Settings - Page Settings
Excluded Forums
Smart Show Thread Update Frequency
Smart Priority
Custom Priority
Include Show Post
Show Post Update Frequency
Show Post Priority Range
Include Member Profiles
Member Profile Update Frequency
Member Profile Priority Range
Include Show Thread
Show Thread Update Frequency
Show Thread Priority Range
Include Forum Display
Forum Display Update Frequency
Forum Display Priority Range
Include Poll Results
Poll Results Update Frequency
Poll Results Priority Range
Include Blog
Blog Update Frequency
Blog Priority Range
Include Blog Tag
Blog Tag Update Frequency
Blog Tag Priority Range
Include Member Profile Album
Member Profile Album Update Frequency
Member Profile Album Priority Range
Include Social Group
Social Group Update Frequency
Social Group Priority Range
Include Social Group Discussion
Social Group Discussion Update Frequency
Social Group Discussion Priority Range
Include Tags
Tags Update Frequency
Tags Priority Range
Include CMS Content
CMS Content Update Frequency
CMS Content Priority Range
Include CMS Section
CMS Section Update Frequency
CMS Section Priority Range

Canonical URLs
Supported URL formats 301 redirects to its canonical URLs
Prevents duplicate content
Improves compatibility with old URL formats

Datastore Caching
Reads config.php and uses the Datastore cache parameters
Disable Datastore caching for DBSEO only, while remaining active for the forum
Cache the following queries
Username Reverse Lookup
Social Group
Social Group Discussion
Social Group Message
Social Group Picture Comment
CMS Content
CMS Category
User Picture
Content Type
vBulletin Options
Forum Cache
Blog Custom Block
Blog Category
Next Thread
Previous Thread

Cache Purging
Automatically purges the cache when you save settings
Quick link to manually purge the cache if need be

General / Other
Shortcut link to the DBSEO AdminCP in the vBulletin AdminCP

General Settings
Turn mod on/off
Configure 404 handling
Choose between www and no-www with 301 redirects
Excluded pages

Link Titles
Choose how title is added to links
Enable for external URLs
External URL blacklist

Google Analytics
Turn Google Analytics integration on or off
Input Google Analytics account ID
External link tracking, to track outgoing links
Format to use for external links
User Tracking Breakdown; None, Guests & Members or Individual Usergroups (Doesn't work with "Universal Analytics")
Compatibility with the new "Universal Analytics" from Google Analytics (Experimental)
Should not be enabled unless you're sure you need it
Future-proof as all future profiles will be switched over to this format

Dynamic Meta Tags
Meta Keywords
Member Profiles
Meta Description
Member Profiles
Meta Description Length
Member Profile Meta Description

External Link Handling
Add "nofollow" to external URLs
Anonymise external urls, stops sites seeing what threads the clicks came from
Excluded Forums
Domain Whitelist
Domain Blacklist

Remove Stopwords: Yes, No, Only on long URLs
Stopword List

General URL Rewrite Settings
URL Part Separator: -, _ or .
Maximum URL Keywords
Filter Non-Latin Characters
Custom Character Filter
Enable UTF-8
Force Forum Directory Index
Filter Tag URLs
Rewrite Emails
Add "Canonical URL" Tag
"Nav Bullet" Prefix
Avatar Prefix
Attachment Prefix

Forum URLs
Define "[forum_path]"
Rewrite Forum URLs
Forum URLs
Forum Pagination URLs
Rewrite Announcement URLs
Announcement URLs
Multiple Announcements URL
Rewrite Thread URLs
Thread URL
Thread Pagination URL
Thread Last Post URL
Thread New Post URL
Thread Go To Post URL
Thread Go To Post (Paged) URL
Previous Thread URL
Next Thread URL
Rewrite Printer-Friendly Thread URLs
Printer-Friendly Thread URLs
Printer-Friendly Thread (Paged) URLs
Rewrite "Show Post" URLs
Show Post URLs
Rewrite "Poll" URLs
Poll URLs
Rewrite "Member List" URLs
Member List URLs
Member List (Paged) URLs
Member List (Letter) URLs
Rewrite "Avatar" URLs
Avatar URL
Rewrite "Nav Bullet" URLs
"Nav Bullet" Prefix
Nav Bullet (Forum) URLs
Nav Bullet (Thread) URLs
Rewrite Attachment URLs
Attachment URLs
Rewrite "Attachment Alt Attribute"
Attachment Alt Attribute
Rewrite "Tag" URLs
Tag List URLs
Tag (Single) URLs
Tag (Single) Paged URLs

vB CMS URLs (vB4-Only)
Rewrite CMS URLs
CMS Section URL
CMS Section Article List URL
CMS Section Article List (Paged) URL
CMS Category URL
CMS Category (Paged) URL
CMS Author URL
CMS Author (Paged) URL
CMS Entry (Paged) URL
CMS Comments (Paged) URL
CMS Attachments URL

Blog URLs
Rewrite Blog URLs
Blogs URL
Blog URL
Blog (Paged) URL
Rewrite Blog Entry URLs
Blog Entry URL
Blog Entry (Paged) URL
Blog Comment URL
Next Blog Entry URL
Previous Blog Entry URL
Rewrite Blog Custom Pages
Blog Custom Page URL
Rewrite Blog Category URLs
Blog Global Category URL
Blog Global Category (Paged) URL
Blog Category URL
Blog Category (Paged) URL
Rewrite Blog Attachment URLs
Blog Attachment URL
Rewrite Blog Feed URLs
Blog Feed (User) URL
Blog Feed (Global) URL
Rewrite Blog List URLs
"Blogs By Day" List (User) URL
"Blogs By Day" List (Global) URL
"Blogs By Day" List (Global, Paged) URL
"Blogs By Month" List (User) URL
"Blogs By Month" List (Global) URL
"Blogs By Month" List (Global, Paged) URL
"All Blog Entries" List URL
"All Blog Entries" List (Paged) URL
"Recent Blog Entries" List URL
"Recent Blog Entries" List (Paged) URL
"Latest Blog Entries" List URL
"Latest Blog Entries" List (Paged) URL
"Best Blog Entries" List URL
"Best Blog Entries" List (Paged) URL
"Best Blogs" List URL
"Best Blogs" List (Paged) URL
"Blog Comments" List URL
"Blog Comments" List (Paged) URL
Rewrite Blog Tag URLs
Blog Tags Home URL
Blog Tag List URL
Blog Tag List (Paged) URL

Social Group URLs
Rewrite Social Group URLs
Social Group Home URL
Social Group List URL
Social Group List (Paged) URL
Social Group URL
Social Group (Paged) URL
Social Group Discussion URL
Social Group Discussion (Paged) URL
Social Group Discussion (Last Post) URL
Social Group Members URL
Social Group Members (Paged) URL
Social Group Pictures URL
Social Group Pictures (Paged) URL
Social Group Picture URL
Social Group Picture (Paged) URL
Social Group Picture File URL
Social Group Category List URL
Social Group Category List (Paged) URL
Social Group Category URL
Social Group Category (Paged) URL

Member Profile URLs
Rewrite Member Profile URLs
Member Profile URL
Visitor Messages (Paged) URL
Visitor Messages Conversation URL
Visitor Messages Conversation (Paged) URL
Friends List (Paged) URL
Rewrite Member Album URLs
Member Albums URL
Member Albums (Paged) URL
Album List URL
Album List (Paged) URL
Album URL
Album (Paged) URL
Album Picture URL
Album Picture (Paged) URL
Album Picture File URL

URL Rewrite History
Change your URL Rewrite Rules without losing ranking
Checks for old URL formats only if no matches are made to existing formats
Stores only one copy of each old URL format for maximum database efficiency
Results are cached in the Datastore for maximum performance

Social Sharing Settings
Global on/off
Publisher ID
Enable Facebook
Enable Twitter
Enable Google+
Enable Reddit
Enable Pinterest
Enable LinkedIn
Usergroup Permissions

Social Sharing Page Settings
Thread: Above Post List
Thread: Below Post List
Thread: Post Content
Blog: Above Blog Entry
Blog: Below Blog Entry
Blog: Comment Content
Social Group: Above Message List
Social Group: Below Message List
Social Group: Message Content

Social Sharing Button Display Styles
Horizontal (With Count)
Horizontal (Big Buttons, No Count)
Horizontal (Small Buttons, No Count)
Vertical (With Count)
Vertical (Big Buttons, No Count)
Vertical (Small Buttons, No Count)

AddOn Support
Allows other modifications to add their own rewrite rules / sitemap integration
Powers our front page & product info pages
Content-powered DBTech modification support coming

3rd Party Extension Support
Allows additional tracking of sitemap views or rewriting sitemap files
Allows adding additional search engines to submit to, or changing the sitemap filenames
Allows modifying the starting content ID for each content type
Allows modifying the keywords and descriptions used for Meta Tag replacements

Automatic Sitemap Generation
Set a time of day for sitemap generation
Lets you target sitemap generation for the time of day your forum is less active
Improves reliability of sitemap generation

General / Other
Global Option: Enable "DragonByte SEO AdminCP" Footer Link
General Settings: Link Titles: External URLs - Limit
DBSEO CP Quick Link: Return to vB AdminCP

Complete Feature List (Pro)

Content-Aware SEO Titles
Ability to generate SEO titles from the content based on defined keywords
Keywords can have 3 different levels of priority; Low, Medium and High
Higher priority keywords get added first
Threads, CMS Entry and Blog Entry supported
Scans every word in the page text for the keywords

Custom Sitemap URLs
Allows for custom pages to be included in a sitemap
Import multiple URLs and set default Update Frequency, Priority Range and Last Updated
Add single new sitemap URL
Browse all URLs in the sitemap, with search parameters
Edit / Delete individual URLs
Set a path to a file that is automatically imported on sitemap generation
Default priority option
Default frequency option
Prune Custom Sitemap URL table

Log Controls
Ability to turn off Sitemap Hit tracking
Ability to turn off Spider Hit tracking
Saves database space for large forums

Sitemap Hit Log
Tracks all spiders accessing your Sitemaps
Stores time, spider identification, full user agent, ip address and sitemap file accessed
Browseable log with date range options
Automatic prune after X days (default: 90)

Spider Hit Log
Tracks all spiders accessing your forum
Stores a daily log of what scripts the spiders accessed, and how many times they accessed that script
Browseable log with date range options
Automatic prune after X days (default: 90)

General Settings
Custom Rewrite Rules
Custom Redirects

URL Rewrite Rules
Customise any of the Forum URLs, vB CMS URLs (vB4-Only), Blog URLs, Social Group URLs, Member Profile URLs
Custom CMS Domain
Custom Blog Domain

vBSEO Importer
Transfers equivalent settings from vBSEO
Ensures smooth transition from vBSEO
Safety precautions to ensure settings are only overwritten if you explicitly tick Yes


This mod displays a copyright notification in the footer of all pages, which includes:
1 Link to DragonByte Technologies homepage
1 Link to Product Description page of this modification
1 Link to Hivelocity Hosting (Lite Version only, removable via a vBulletin Option)

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