[DBTech] vBDownloads v2.4.4pl2 [Lite]

by HaVoK - 25-02-2015, 10:49 PM
Feb 2015
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Posted: 25-02-2015, 10:49 PM
vBDownloads: What is it?

DragonByte Technologies is proud to present vBDownloads v1.0, the most professional, innovative and feature-rich downloads mod to date.

vBDownloads aims to help you manage your forum's downloads in a fast and efficient way, presenting you with all the information you and your users need.

Why vBDownloads?
Whilst looking for a new product idea, we felt that there was a need for a fully-supported downloads database in vBulletin. vBDownloads is the result of this. vBDownloads contains many interesting features such as multi-file downloads, password-protected downloads and many more exciting and innovative features!


If you like this mod please hit the button to the right ---->

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What does 'Marking As Installed' do ?

* It helps you to stay on top of updates - members who have installed modifications will be notified by us whenever new updates are available.

* For security issues - vbulletin.org will contact all members who have installed a modification whenever a security issue is brought to their attention.

* Marking a modification as installed also helps us know how many people are using our work, giving us extra incentive to provide more features and new modifications.

We appreciate the support!

Differences between Pro and Lite

Priority support & Product Demos available at: http://www.dragonbyte-tech.com/vbdownloads.php


Translations available @ Dragonbyte-Tech.com
Support for translations handled by the translator in its respective threads only.


Major Features:

Searchable Downloads: Search downloads by title, description, author, or a combination of the above.

Importer: vBDownloads currently supports importing from DownloadsII.

Favourite Downloads: Got a download you like? vBDownloads will allow you to easily add it to your favourites list.

Multiple File Downloads: vBDownloads allows you to upload multiple files within one download stopping the need to create 20 different downloads for one thing.

Moderation: vBDownloads comes with its own moderation control panel. This will allow you to easily moderate new files and reports.

DragonByte SEO Integration: Seamlessly integrates with DragonByte SEO to create Friendly URLs for all your downloads & categories.

Extra Pro Features:
Download All Files: This will allow you to easily download all files in a download at the click of a button. These will be added to a zip and returned to you in seconds.

File Ratings: File ratings will allow users to easily separate the good content from the bad.

Downloads Per Day: This feature will allow you to control the number of files and add a limit to the size of downloads users are allowed to download per day.

Private Downloads: This feature will allow you to control who can access a download on a per user basis and allow you to password-protect downloads.

Complete Feature List

System Information
Whether the mod is active
Total bandwidth usage
Monthly bandwidth usage
Number of uploaded files
Value of php.ini's maximum execution time
vBDownloads' version number
Number of MBs of disk space all files use
Number of MBs of disk space this month's files use
Value of php.ini's maximum upload size
Value of php.ini's memory limit

Group extensions together into Extension Groups
Define extension
Define MIME Type
Define maximum file size
Define Max Width / Max Height (only applies to images)

Define Title / Description
Set display order
Choose category image
Choose extension groups valid for this category
Automatically place new files in moderation queue
Per-usergroup Can View Category permission
Per-usergroup Can Download Files permission
Per-usergroup Can Upload Files permission

Import Utility
Import from DownloadsII
Preserves all important data
Avoids duplicate imports

Toggle displaying version number
Turn vBDownloads on/off
Reason for turning vBDownloads off
Welcome Notice for the homescreen
Storage path for uploads
Custom name for the main .php file
Maximum files per download
Minimum posts to download
Download description preview length
Enable/Disable Favourites system
Enable/Disable Comments system
Enable/Disable Mirrors system
File Reporting Reasons
Comment Reporting Reasons
Mirror Reporting Reasons

Usergroup Permissions
Downloads Manager, bypasses certain restrictions
Can View vBDownloads
Can Download
Can Upload
Can Favourite
Can Comment
Download Delay (in seconds)

Home Page
Display welcome message
Search downloads by title, description, author or any combination of the above
Category list in the same style as Forums are listed on Forum Home
Display number of files and number of downloads per category
Display latest download per category
Sub-categories in the same style as sub-forums
Sidebar block: Total files and total downloads
Sidebar block: Recent files, changes based on what category you're browsing
Sidebar block: Top downloads, changes based on what category you're browsing

jQuery-powered upload script
Works with big files
No Flash plugins required
Progress bars on uploads
Display file sizes in-line
Quick deletion of files
Toggle which files are screenshots

Download Page
Edit / delete file
Send file to moderation queue
Add to favourites
Add a comment
Basic file information: Author, Last Updated, Category and Total Downloads
File List w/ number of downloads
Mirror List w/ number of hits
"More From This User" block with thumbnails of other downloads by this user
Full description
Paginated comments list
Edit/Delete comments
Password entry page if the download is password protected
Download delay page when downloading files if applicable

Favourites List
Paginated display of downloads added to favourites
Same style as search results

Tabbed interface for Moderation Queue / Reports
Ability to take no action, approve and deny moderation queue entries
Ability to take no action, dismiss or delete reported entries

Thumbnail Generation
Ability to choose which image to use for thumbnail generation
A physical thumbnail image will be generated when one is requested
Saves bandwidth / decreases load time vs. using full image resized

Category Aware Search
Choose to restrict search to currently viewed category
Only available when browsing a category
Perfect for searching through a large downloads database for less unique keywords


Mirror Link Images
Define replacement domains
Set what image to show instead of direct link to mirror

Allow private downloads
Allow password protected downloads
Category Parent
Choose forum to announce new downloads in

Download delay page advertisement
Path to importable files
Enable/Disable [DBTech] vBShout integration
Enable/Disable Rating system
Enable/Disable ability to download all files as zip
Zip filename prefix
Post To Thread: Title
Post To Thread: Message

Usergroup Permissions
Maximum downloads per day
Maximum downloads size per day
Can Rate Downloads
Can Create Category
Can Import Files

Home Page
Sidebar block: Highest rated, changes based on what category you're browsing

Download Page
Rate the download +1/-1
"Download All Files" button
Display advertisement on downloads delay page

Manage Categories
Allows users with the necessary permissions to manage categories via front-end
Download Managers can edit all Category settings
Non-Managers see their categories added to moderation queue

Import Files
Allows users with the necessary permissions to import files from the filesystem
Pre-defined path or custom path
Imported files aren't copied or moved
Ability to skip or re-import files
Per-file category assignment
Per-file download title

Who's Online Display
Displays users / guests browsing vBDownloads
Uses same HTML/CSS as forum home's "What's Going On" box
Displays full markup username
Can be turned off via vBulletin Options

vBDownloads Statistics Display
Displays total number of downloads
Displays total number of files
Displays total bandwidth usage
Displays total storage space usage
Uses same HTML/CSS as forum home's "Forum Statistics" box
Can be turned off via vBulletin Options

Per-Usergroup "Minimum Posts" Bypass
Ability to bypass the "Minimum Posts" setting per-usergroup
Perfect for donator / VIP usergroups
Toggled via Usergroup Manager
This mod displays a copyright notification in the footer of pages generated by this mod which includes:
1 Link to DragonByte Technologies homepage
1 Link to Product Description page of this modification
1 Link to Hivelocity Hosting (Lite version only, removable via a vBulletin Option)
Download Now
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