[DBTech] vBShop v3 (vB4)
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[DBTech] vBShop v3 (vB4)
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vBShop is the most advanced shop mod to date. Giving you unprecedented control over what items you can sell, vBShop is the perfect mod to go along with virtually any points modification.
With features like overriding any usergroup permission, including those of custom modifications, vBShop raises the bar for what you will come to expect from a shop mod.

Why vBShop is the perfect shop mod

Most other shop modifications add support for overriding certain stock actions, like increased PM space, increased avatar size, super moderator permissions, etc...
vBShop takes this to the next level and offers you 100% control over every single usergroup permission conceivable, including those of modifications we've never even heard of!

Usergroup permissions is not all it can do, however. It can also let members buy styling for your user title like bold, italics and colors, user title changing, username changing, and immunity from these changes.

It also offers a simple points system that you can use if you do not wish to add a points modification to your forum.

Main Features

Override any usergroup permission: No technical knowledge required, you can override any yes/no or value permissions (like PM space etc) with a simple interface.

Highly configurable points fields: Even if you wish to use an external points mod, vBShop places no limitations as to what table or field it's placed in.

Modular design for easy future-proofing: Our modern, scalable item design lets you easily add new item types that your forums' sexy tech admin created for you.

Per-Item Usergroup Permissions: Want to create some dangerous items that only your most trusted members can access? No problem.

Bank: Keep your hard-earned cash safe and sound with our Bank feature.

Lottery: Feelin' lucky? Well, do ya!? Bet on lotteries and watch your members' fingernails get chewed down as the draw time approaches.

Item Type: Sticky Thread
  • Allows users to sticky a thread of their choice
  • Configuration takes a thread ID that will be stickied
  • Users cannot sticky already stickied threads
  • Sticky status gets deactivated when the item expires, is deactivated or discarded
  • (Pro) Forums can be excluded from having their threads sticky-able
Item Type: Fire Moderator
  • Allows users to demote a forum moderator (not Super Moderator) from their position and remove their moderator permissions for a selected forum
  • Admins can choose what moderator(s) in what forum(s) are fire-able
  • Admins can choose to let a re-configured, expired or deactivated item "un-fire" a moderator, restoring their permissions
  • Users select a moderator from the list of available moderators to fire
  • Uses vBulletin data managers for maximum compatibility with 3rd party mods
Item Type: Forum Password
  • Allows users to buy the password for select forum(s)
  • Admins can choose one or more forums that are password protected to be given to users when buying the item
  • Passwords for forums purchased are displayed on the item's "Configure" page
  • Configure page updates if the password changes
Item Type: Post Style
  • Allows users to configure font colour and effects to be used on their posts
  • Admins can enable Bold, Italic, Underline, Colour, Glow and Shadow to be configurable by the user when configuring this item
  • Users can configure any of the above that the admin has allowed
  • Works the same way as the User Title Style and Username Style items
Item Type: Upload Smilie
  • Allows users to upload a smilie and choose its replacement text
  • Admins can configure the size limitations of user uploaded smilie images via a vBulletin Options setting
  • Users can choose title, replacement text, upload an image either via URL or via local upload and choose smilie category
  • Fully integrated into the Smilie Manager in the AdminCP and uses DataManagers for maximum 3rd party modification compatibility
Item Type: Create Smilie Category
  • Allows users to create a new Smilie Category that they can use for their custom smilie uploads or be used by Admins for existing smilies
  • Users can configure the title of the Smilie Category
  • Fully integrated into the Smilie Category manager in the ACP and uses vBulletin's rebuild cache functions for maximum compatibility
Item Type: Thread Title Style
  • Allows users to configure font colour and effects to be used on thread titles in the "Forum Display" thread list
  • Admins can enable Bold, Italic, Underline, Colour, Glow and Shadow to be configurable by the user when configuring this item
  • Users can configure any of the above that the admin has allowed
  • Works the same way as the User Title Style and Username Style items
Shop Management
  • Admins and User Shop owners can set another person as "Benficiary" of the shop to receive a percentage 0-100 of the proceeds
  • Can be same as shop owner, none (extra money vanishes into thin air) or another userId
  • Amounts can be split in any amount of 0-100%
Shops / Items General
  • Front-end: Shop list does not display if only one shop is active
  • Front-end: Item list can now have more or less than 5 items per line depending on the skin
  • Items have an AdminCP toggle to force it to not be displayed in the postbit. Purchased items are forcibly set to Hidden and cannot be un-hidden.
  • Items with the Item Type "Usergroup Permissions (Yes / No)" or "Usergroup Permissions (Values)" can now override up to 5 permissions each.
  • (Pro) Custom items now displays icons from a separate folder from admin-created items
General / Other
  • The bank balance of each currency can optionally be displayed in the postbit. Toggled by a vBOption setting.
  • The profile tab can be disabled via a vBOption setting.
  • The Purchase Notification PM now lists the quantity of items purchased
  • All PMs sent by this mod now displays the forum signature
  • Item display in the postbit now shows gift giver and gift message if any were entered, where applicable
  • All "Yes / No / Default" usergroup permission selectors now have vB-style "All Yes / All No / All Default" buttons
  • Items now have a toggle for Active. Items flagged as inactive are automatically disabled from the inventories of any member who purchased it while it was active.
This mod displays a copyright notification in the footer of pages generated by this mod which includes:
  • 1 Link to DragonByte Technologies homepage
  • 1 Link to Product Description page of this modification
  • 1 Link to Hivelocity Hosting (Lite version only, removable via a vBulletin Option)
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