DRadio - Team Channel and Frequency Communication 1.4.4 (NO BACKDOORS)

by marc2tomarc - 22-07-2020, 10:08 PM
Jul 2020
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DRadio enables use of a custom Radio. The radio supports millions of frequencies and private frequencies for specific jobs such as Police and more!
[Image: NI2ujeJ.png]

[Image: MHhv4op.jpg]
[b]Works with any gamemode! - Make a support ticket.[/b]
DRadio is an addon which grants players the capability to talk across frequencies across the server. It's perfect for any real roleplaying server. Players can choose from approximately 1 million different frequencies to communicate across. Teams such as police, Russians, Americans, gangsters, etc can all of have their own secure frequency which can only be used by them. The addon focuses on the overall look and sound of the radio.
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  • Radio

  • Frequency Communication: Switch through approximately 1 million different channels.

  • Toggle On/Off: Tired of hearing noisy coms? The radio can be toggled on and off.

  • Microphone Static when receiving audio: To simulate real communication over radio you can hear static when players are talking over radio.

  • Team Channels: Frequencies can be set to be exclusive for certain teams. If a user does not have access to the channel, they will not be able to adjust or input that secure frequency.

  • Custom Model w/ animations: Custom radio model with adjustment animations.

  • Extra Realism: Have the option to require the player to have the radio in their hand to communicate.

  • [b][NEW 1.3.0] Radio Text Chat[/b]: Players now have the option to communicate through their frequencies in chat. Use "/r" or "!r" before sending your message.
[Image: FMgA8hn.jpg]
  • Frequency Intercepting

  • Intercept frequencies from other players and secretly tune into their coms

  • Radio Jamming

  • Jam communications systems
[Image: ABfiGfe.jpg] [Image: 398d28f8ad12388381ff3cb0d56ef125.png]
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