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Design Squad - Vinyl Record Mockup

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05-01-2021, 02:10 AM
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[Image: 1-vinyl-mockup-.jpg?1598976858&s=7314013...53f5d5a739]

About the Product

Blow the dust off the old vinyl albums your parents still keep in the attic! Do you feel the little pinch of nostalgia and pleasant melancholy while looking at them? The same warmth for retro usually attracts the audience, and when it's also spiced with a contemporary look, there hardly can be something better. Now you know how this exact Vinyl Record Mockup was created, but wait, there's more coming up!
The PSD scene is made with care for details to let the composition be as realistic as possible. The plastic cover is sprinkled with label tags, barcodes, and holographic security labels that can be added and fully-adjusted or removed to your liking. There's a nice little trick for enhancing the impression: metallic hot foil effect! Available in three classic tones (gold, silver, copper), the metallic gloss can be also added to any color you choose with the Eyedropper Tool. Finish your work by applying one background from 5 available textures. You won't feel the scarcity of tools, that's obvious so far! Create magnificent presentations and marvelous showcasing, guided by the easiness of a workflow.

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