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22-08-2023, 02:23 AM
DrainerZilla is the most modern drainer presented on the market. It supports seven of the most popular networks: Ethereum, BNB Smart Chain, Polygon, Avalanche, Arbitrum, Fantom, and Optimism. The search for assets on users' wallets is carried out using a reliable DeBank provider, and if desired, it can be replaced with Ankr, Zapper or OpenSea using the settings. Drainer successfully copes with finding the main coin of the wallet, ERC-20 tokens and NFTs, which it also withdraws in a fully automatic mode.

Quote:Never buy a product from a third party or use a script that can be found in open sources: in the best case you will come across an old and irrelevant version with no possibility to get any technical support, and in the worst case you will fall for a modified version of the script with built-in backdoors and other troubles. It is better to buy officially once and get quality technical support and 100% safe code than to lose all your hard earned money because of malicious code or incorrectly working software.

To install the script, you do not need to deploy your own smart contracts and make sure that they are marked as phishing, the script can function without smart contracts at all, and with a specialized public contract, which avoids all the complexity of creating your own contract, paying various commissions and connection. The contract is very flexible and supports several types of events that you can trigger on your site: Security Update, Claim, Claim Reward, Execute, Connect, Swap. In addition, the script comes with six different contracts for self-starting in the blockchain.

The principle of the drainer: the most expensive assets are written off first, then the cheapest ones. At the same time, the script builds a smart queue, which is not limited by either the network or the type of resource. At the same time, the smart calculation system takes into account the resources needed to pay the network's commission, which allows you to squeeze everything possible out of the user's wallet, and send it to you. It is also possible to personally set priorities in the script, for example, to first write off tokens that support PERMIT, or those that can be withdrawn using exchangers.

There are several methods of token and NFT withdrawal available in the script, which can be easily customized for your purposes: tokens can be withdrawn by direct transfer, via confirmation, by calling PERMIT, by using exchangers, as well as by using an invisible signature. Depending on the wallet selected by the user, the most suitable method will be chosen. By default, the most inconspicuous and efficient one is chosen. As for NFT, the script is able to approve the entire collection at once, which means you can write off everything in one signature.

Automatic withdrawal of approved assets is supported: after the user confirms, signs PERMIT, or gives access to the entire NFT collection, the script, if technically possible, will write off these assets and transfer them to your wallet. In order for this feature to work correctly, there should always be some coin on the drainer's wallet.

The script supports a huge number of wallets, more than 300 pieces to be exact. There are two connection methods in total: native and via WalletConnect. Native wallets work with the drainer directly, these include: MetaMask, Coinbase, Binance Wallet and Trust Wallet. Other wallets you can connect through WalletConnect by scanning the QR code on the screen from your mobile device, or by opening the site from your phone and selecting a wallet from the list of those installed on your phone. Most mobile wallets support WalletConnect. Works with both versions of WalletConnect.

Main modal window
[Image: image.png]

WalletConnect v2.0 connection window
[Image: image-1.png]

What are the advantages over other scripts
  • The script is completely clean and does not cause a red window on your site
  • Unlike other scripts, a huge number of wallets are supported
  • Quality technical support and adequate attitude to customers
  • Free installation of the script on your site and drainer after purchase
  • Detailed manual on how to use the script you have purchased
  • Free and easy obfuscation of the script to protect it from theft
  • Anti-theft system that will allow you to get money from sites that your competitors have stolen
  • Several reliable and proven APIs are used and you can switch between them.
  • The script will not hijack your Telegram account, as all integration is hidden deep in the server.
  • All traffic between the client and the server is securely encrypted so it won't be snooped on
  • The script can be installed on any hosting, as only JS will need to be installed.
  • The backend is written in Node JS, so it can be run on any operating system
  • The availability of tokens is checked several times, which increases the chance of a write-off
  • The script is not blocked by antivirus programs and browsers, which is very nice
  • Sale from the developer, ready to answer all questions, even the dumbest
  • You can customize literally everything: any network, any asset, any priority - whatever you want.
  • And most importantly: the best price, which corresponds to the current package and quality - do not overpay for air and promises of big profits, pay as much as a product is really worth. Buying a script from me, you are investing in the future, namely: get quality code, free fixes, the fastest technical support, which will chew you up literally everything

Description of the main functionality of the script
  • Supported networks: Ethereum, BNB Smart Chain, Polygon, Avalanche, Arbitrum, Fantom, Optimism (can be extended on request).
  • Supported assets: base coins, tokens and NFTs
  • Additional features: notifications about user actions on the site and payments in Telegram.
  • Flexible script customization is available for your convenience.
  • Principal Coin Withdrawal Method: Sign / Transfer / Smart Contract
  • Token Output Method: Sign / Transfer / Approve / Permit / Permit v2 / Uniswap Multicall / Pancake Multicall / Sushiswap / QuickSwap
  • NFT output method: Sign / Transfer / SetApprovalForAll / SeaPort 1.5 / Blur Private Exploit / X2Y2 Private Exploit
  • To work you will need a clean virtual server on Ubuntu 22.04 without any pre-installed web servers, panels like ISPmanager and FastPanel and any other software that would occupy ports 80 and 443, also there should not be any websites on the server.
  • Advanced Telegram notifications: in addition to basic requests, there are also requests to connect wallet, refuse to connect wallet, request to change network, refuse to change network, successful change of network, request to withdraw asset, refuse to withdraw asset.
  • The best option at the moment: the most advanced features and the best technical support, 100% of the profits are yours, no deductions
  • Contract varieties included: Claim, Claim Reward, Security Update, Swap, Connect, Execute, Multicall
  • Available trust contract format: 0x000...0000 - maximize trust from users
  • Available evaluators for work: DeBank Pro API, Zapper API, OpenSea API, Ankr API.

Cost of the script excluding modules: 2999.99$ - this cost includes all functionality except SeaPort, Blur and X2Y2
Cost of purchasing additional modules: SeaPort - 499.99$, Blur - 599.99$, X2Y2 - 399.99$.

Telegram for purchase: @DrainerZilla

[Image: 0scr1.jpg]

[Image: 0scr2.jpg]

[Image: 0scr3.jpg]

[Image: 0scr3.jpg]

[Image: 0scr5.jpg]

Quote:1. The product is sold for informational purposes only, the author of the product is not responsible for its use in illegal activities. Responsibility for the methods of using the product lies entirely with the end customer.
2. Refunds are provided only in case of inoperability of the script through the fault of the developer and only immediately after purchase. If the script has lost any functionality due to updates of any wallets, no refund is provided. There is also no refund if you no longer want to use the script or could not set it up properly - in this case the developer is ready to help you with the installation.
3. After purchasing and installing the script, you are responsible for its safety. In case of loss of script files, reissue and customization is provided only in case of additional payment. If the dialog with proof of purchase was deleted, and you can not provide other proof of purchase, the author of the topic has every right to refuse to reissue the software to you.
4. All improvements for your own purposes are paid, the script is provided in the form in which it was conceived by the developer, all the rest, which is your personal wishes, is subject to additional payment. Developer does not guarantee the possibility of improving the script.
5. Free installation is provided only once after purchase and only on a one-page HTML landing page. If there are scripts that cannot be deactivated and that interfere with normal installation, free installation is not provided. All other installations are made at a negotiated price with the developer or drainer support agent.
6. When purchasing you get an open source product, but it is strictly forbidden to transfer and/or sell the script to third parties, as well as publish it on your site without prior obfuscation. Each copy of the script is unique, so it is not difficult to determine who distributed the script, please take this into account.
7. Workability of this script is guaranteed only on servers with Ubuntu 22.04 operating system. When installing the script on servers with other operating systems, using frameworks and other software not described in the manual, full responsibility for the operability or inoperability of the script is entirely on the buyer, return in this case is not provided.
8. Free updates after purchase are not guaranteed, the developer has the right to charge any price for software updates, for the fixed amount paid at the time of purchase you get the script as it existed at the time of your purchase.
9. The script is guaranteed to support the following wallets: MetaMask, Trust Wallet, Coinbase, Binance Wallet. Interaction with other wallets is done through WalletConnect. The author of the product is not responsible for the performance of wallets via WalletConnect module.
10. Automatic withdrawal via PERMIT is not guaranteed due to the peculiarities of this method. The script sends the signature data so that you can withdraw the signed token manually in case of emergency. For details on how to withdraw a token if it is not automatically withdrawn: @MainZilla.
11. If you give the script to other developers or system administrators for installation, you are fully responsible for their actions.
12. The seller is not responsible for the inoperability of the product after the update of this or that wallet, operability is guaranteed only at the time of purchase. In this case, the seller will make every effort and opportunity to solve the problem.

The product is sold for informational purposes only, the author of the product is not responsible for its use in illegal activities. Responsibility for the methods of using the product lies entirely with the end customer.

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