[FRESH] Thailand's Mistine 19.9 Million User Personal Data For Sale

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03-08-2022, 07:39 PM
Company: Better Way Thailand Company Limited (Mistine)

Country: Thailand
Description: Over 19.9 million customer records of Mistine Direct Sales across brands of Flormar, Fairs, Friday, Mistine, MYSS, Yupin and NingNong in Thailand. Better Way is a 34 years old direct sales company, one of the company under Saha Group which is Thailand's leading consumer products public listed conglomerate.

Total Size: 10.4 GB | Total Datasets: 2 | Date of Breach: 16 July 2022 | Origin: Hacked by Desorden
Data Type: Customer and Sales Agent Details
Data Industry: Direct Sales
Data Geographic: Thailand
Data Format: .csv
Payment Methods: Preferred Monero. Bitcoin or USDT +5% Fee

Details of Datasets (19,939,946 records):
We have sorted out the personal identifable information of customers and agents from 30 million records, and removed the duplicates. The remaining personal data is 19,939,946 records

1) MSL Profile (Customer): 9,219,301 records (Columns include name, address, phone number)

2) MS Profile (Agent): 10,720,645 records (READ CAREFULLY: The company uses relational data scheme, hence this dataset include 3 different csv tables, namely BEV-_MS_PROFILE, BEV-_MS_REP and BEV-_MS_REPADDRESS. Use the column REPREP_CODE as the unique agent identifier to retrieve the data from each of the 3 tables. Main columns include name, ID card number, address, birthday and phone number)

For example (refer to sample below), REPREP_CODE: 436091020 will fetch the following from MS Profile:
Name is ?? ? | ID Card is 1220600047471 | Birthday i 12-NOV-97 | Phone Number is 0912379082 | Address: 11/1.4 ? 22110

Data Samples Download Link:

Note: This sale is for the 2 datasets of customer and agent records (10.4 GB in size [1.34 GB in zip]). For those who wish to obtain the full breach including all databases and files of Better Way Thailand Company Limited (180 GB in size), PM us or add us at Tox ID: BB7F7C7D5A5761D1838353B079CA83AD4A157E0B9A728C0EDEE9B4A82DC8441EEBA8DC1EC093 for more information.

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