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Fixing problems with eyes of ragdolls

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07-01-2021, 10:02 PM
The console variables
First of all, lets cover console variables that affect eyes on in-game characters.

Here's the list of them:
Name Default Value Description
r_eyemove 1 Enables or disables the ability of iris/pupil to move.
r_eyes 1 Enables or disables eye drawing completely.
r_eyesize 0 Size of the pupil/iris.
0 = no change, 0.5 = 50% bigger, 1 = twice as big
It can go negative to hide the iris, or make it smaller
r_eyeshift_x 0 Vertical eye offset for all eyes.
1 = 180°, 0.5 = 90° up, -0.5 = 90° down
r_eyeshift_y 0 Diagonal eye offset for all eyes.
Positive values make the eyes cross look down, sorta like looking at your nose.
Negative values make the eyes look up and info opposite directions.
r_eyeshift_z 0 Eye offset for all eyes, similar to r_eyeshift_y, but does not make eyes look up and down.
0.5 = 90° outwards, -0.5 = 90° cross look

Please note that some ragdoll models ( Day Of Defeat & Counter-Strike player models for example ) do not provide proper support for eyes, so they will not be affected by these commands or eye poser.
Fixing problems with eyes
You can easily fix most of eye problems with in-game characters by resetting all the console variables to their default values.

To do this:
1) Open your console. By default, the console is bound to your tilde key ( ~, `, §, above tab ) and F10.
2) Copy and paste this into your console and press enter:
r_eyes 1;r_eyemove 1; r_eyesize 0;r_eyeshift_x 0;r_eyeshift_y 0;r_eyeshift_z 0
3) The eyes should look normal now.
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