[Free/VIP] [5.8 Working] "Freaking Good Evade" Script

by Sozin - 07-07-2015, 12:26 AM
Nan Ihier Gelair Mordor
Jan 2015
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Posted: 07-07-2015, 12:26 AM
Got this since it got realeased and it's up to date. Did'nt crash my LoL yet. The only issue this version has is that it doesn't save the settings you make. You have to set them in every game again.
​​​​​​• Automaticly dodge all incoming skillshots
• Supports both circular and line skillshots
• Draw skillshots too (currently only when not from fog of war)
• Dodge skillshots from FoW (kinda buggy atm)
• Supports both VIP and free users (with better movement block for ViP's)
• Using dash to dodge otherwise undodgable skillshots (im looking at you leona E)
• Using flash for the fastest/most dangerous skillshots when they aren't dodgable otherwise (annie R, malphite R, sona R, ashe R, fizz R)
• Using spellshields for otherwise undodgable skillshots.
• Includes your previous movement command in its calculations to calculate best dodge position.
• Doesn't dodge skillshots that can't be dodged (which is only done by evadeee except by this script)
• Supports move to mouse in every script (for ViP) for free users only in autocarry atm.
• Config for every single skillshot in the game (2 = dodge always, 1 = dodge when less than 2 enemies around you and 0 = never dodge
• Doesnt break chanelled spells
​​■ Menu Options (those non self-explaining ones)
• ​Always try to dodge skillshots from fow
-This function lets you set delay after which skillshots from fow are registered. Keep this on 1 unless you find a skillshot that get drawn incorrectly
Always try to dodge line skillshots
-There might be a moment when the advanced skillshot calculations won't find a way out of a line skillshot, if you let this option on, it will try to dodge it anyways with shortest path.
■ Skillshot Config (the other menu in the script)
-Here you can set how skillshots will be dodged (2 - always dodge, 1 - only dodge when 2 or less enemies are around, 0 - never dodge)
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