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24-05-2024, 01:23 AM
Backend: php (laravel 7+), 3 years of experience with high-load projects (RestApi, CRM). Node.js express (experience with CRM creation), creating APIs, chat bots (informational with lead generation) for Telegram.

Frontend: Layout from scratch (Css-Flex) following the BEM methodology, pure JS (without jquery), Guaranteed Google Page Speed (85-90)+ (if design is not overloaded).

Writing quality software is my profession. We thoroughly study the tasks at hand, fully understand how the proposed solutions work, how they are limited, and how they are characterized in terms of data privacy and security. Creating simple programs is significantly different from software development - it involves designing, writing, testing, and supporting computer programs.

I have been writing in C++ for many years, then I learned Java quite well, and it turned out that all the main concepts of C# were familiar to me.

Programming languages are similar to each other. They form entire families with common ideas, sometimes even with common syntax. For example, C++, Java, and C# are very similar not only conceptually.

Feel free to contact me for support/advice. I can help with both web resource creation and desktop applications development.

I develop software in the field of information security. I work in network penetration testing.

The main programming languages are listed in the header, and I also work with their families. Always open to like-minded individuals and ready to help develop ideas.

Accepting payments in crypto.
You can message me here or TG: BavariaDev

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