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[GMODSTORE] Jarvin - The Dashboard Escape Menu

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05-04-2017, 12:32 PM
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  • [spoiler]
  • Functions as an escape screen, or activates based on a chat-command.
  • Escape screen mode can be turned off at any time, and just a key-bind can be used to activate it.
  • Ability to actually go back to theServer Listwithout being blocked because you have an escape screen.
  • Customized browser allows your players to go to websites associated with your network, WITHOUT using the Steam Browser.
  • Options to disconnect from current server and/or return to the current game.And yes, it has a SETTINGS button
  • Both the console keybind works (~) and it even includes its own Console button (can be turned off along with the other buttons within the settings).
  • Background feature can be turned ON or OFF within the configuration.
  • Rotating backgrounds - so your players never get bored and you canchangethem whenever you want without needing to add new resources. Uses absolute URLS (meaning you can use website urls for images).
  • Custom fonts to give it that extra pop.
  • Local player clock gives players the current time without having to go to the desktop (or look around the house).
  • FastDL pre-setup, or the ability to use it as a Workshop addon in order to get the content to your players.
  • Completely customizable color scheme, allows you to change the colors to whatever aspect you want. (Panels, text, etc.)
  • Announcement panel allows you to type whatever announcement(s) you wish. Supports new lines and scroll-bar available when announcement gets too long Multiple announcements can be placed in the list to keep a "history".
  • Custom animations with "slide" effect.
  • Server feature allows you to list all of the servers you currently host. Each server can be connected to via clicking on the server box. Confirmation box ensures accidental clicks don't happen.
  • Buttons can be customized to either use an icon OR you can use background images such as you would find in some Windows metro designs.
  • View list of players currently on server with avatars and each player has a direct link to their steam profile.
  • Video module allows you to integrate *.webmvideos into your screen. (Optional) - see autoplay true or false option available.
  • Customize video start volume (so you don't blow your players ears off), see configuration file.

First off, thanks for your purchase!
Simply drop the contents in a new folder within the/garrysmod/addons/folder.
Edit your/sh/sh_config.luafile and modify it to your specifications.

FastDL / Workshop
My scripts come pre-configured to handle FastDL. However, in the event that you cannot use FastDL on your server; I also upload Workshop items that contain all of the resources you'll need. Simply subscribe to the workshop item below, and add it to your server's collection. Players will automatically download what they need when they connect to your server.

Jarvin Workshop Collection

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