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22-02-2024, 05:39 AM
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1. GoLogin: It is a proxy browser with anti-detection features designed to bypass restrictions and ensure privacy. It is designed to accommodate Smartproxy proxies and supports both Windows and Mac platforms. If you subscribe to Smartproxy, it offers a free plan!

2. Tor Browser: A free proxy browser with built-in privacy features that allows users to access the web without revealing their identity. It is available as a Firefox and Chrome extension and is free to use, but users need to purchase a proxy or use a free proxy from a third-party source.

3, Oxy Proxy Browser Extension: This browser proxy manager supports multiple proxy profiles, easy switching and is compatible with any proxy server provider. It can be used as an Android app and Chrome extension and offers a free option, but requires the purchase of a proxy or the use of a free proxy from a third-party source

4. IPRoyal Proxy Browser Extension: IPRoyal is a browser web proxy extension that turns your default browser into a proxy browser. It is a proxy manager that enables you to easily use and switch between different proxies from IPRoyal and other sources. It offers a permanently free plan with no ads!

5. Proxy Browser on Google Play: Proxy Browser on Google Play is a simple app that protects web browsing and data by routing connections through secure proxy servers. It's available for Android devices and offers unlimited access and apps at blazing fast speeds!

6. Epic Privacy Browser: This browser includes tracking protection for extra privacy. It also has features such as a video downloader and can be installed on Windows, macOS and smartphones

7、KProxy Browser Extension: KProxy is a free browser extension that allows users to connect to the Internet anonymously. It provides fast, secure browsing and works on a variety of platforms!

These are some of the best proxy browsers, each offering different features and levels of privacy protection. Choosing the one that suits you best depends on your specific needs and preferences.

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