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How to create wide panoramic photos

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07-01-2021, 09:41 PM
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Today I decided to write a serious guide. There won't absurd b_llsh_t, stupid jokes and incomprehensible actions. Let's start!

First step
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[Image: 600E9A5FB7D13CE514BB57AB6CF31A65757A81A7]
At first you need to find game, place in game which you are like. For example, I chose the gm_boreas ( map in Garry's mod.

Second step
II have chosen a place where I will take screenshots. Mountain not far from the spawn, it seemed to me the best place.

From this place I took several screenshots, so that one object could be seen in some other screenshot. In other words, just so Photoshop can catch on

You can see how I took screenshots
[font="Motiva Sans", Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif][Image: 7714B514BBED45676E2A5AF606402AFD4733BE6D][Image: 9212816B6206B69CF81E677BF45C407F5E323092][Image: B901E9E09692F1ACDBAF7F3F2812E79AFDEFB7AA][Image: FC45769CDE6840FA41C9163A535C25B0B01DCC7F][Image: 9812EE98923F52B9C9863F13B427D52C36227F9E][Image: 2E630833AAFA654E33E50BA485ACF0EA9362F737][Image: 5E630FCF81E34AC81107F6AF812407F5592A57E0][Image: 01FB36FAE20A6DCC66C158DA2B47B009263E477B][Image: 716056D0AC55C366A004B1090CE9F7287A44431A][Image: F8A711624E33FBED3F8660516B6044517E8E047A][Image: 37CD391D15EC973F04F1E80185077C554B1F7217][Image: 732D245511B75603E41E7CC8A9C0AD9616E8F906][Image: 50367B0B6A461F7B3E2D22AE851A52F02CB93FEA][Image: EEC19562261C16154691573E6A215088CD057AC9][Image: 40A75A5870DD290EECCE7AB8CBD983A124155697]
[font="Motiva Sans", Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]Third step

After i've taken screenshots, I need to run Photoshop (Ps CC 2015+ needed).
[font="Motiva Sans", Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]On start screen click "Files" button, then hover pointer "Automate" and click "Photomerge..." button.
[Image: 6B913869D3619EFD871FA61A1A8D29FAEA23EB79]
In the window that appears, select the "Browse..." button, indicate the path to the screenshots and select the screenshots you need. Also check the boxes next to "Vingette removal" and "Geometric distortion correction"[Image: 1617B92CBE9076CCA3DC4B02F483FF6ABB23AE72][/font]
You don't need to change anything in the layout parameter.

Fourth step
In "Photomerge" window click "OK" button. After that leave your computer 1-2 minute.
While the magic happens, you can go make yourself a pleasure
and your favorite drink.
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[Image: 105ACE36A5FFF752A80CCDD7ED7D2E066B157DB7]
[font="Motiva Sans", Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]Fifth step

After some computing Photoshop will show you something like this.[Image: 452C69822F399E6D6AA3517D0F12C85CF56A1BC3]For convenience, let's merge the layers using the keyboard shortcuts "CTRL+E".

Now we can see that our panorama a little weird. We can fix that using "Adaptive Wide Angle" (CTRL+SHIFT+ALT+A). This way we correct the incorrectly constructed perspective (little details, like trees should be perpendicular to the ground etc)[Image: DB45F091339FD5E64A965E882338D142131FF3BA]
[font="Motiva Sans", Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]Sixth step
[Image: 0BFF3077F5E2B471E1490495A300047629FCBC3C]Now let's use "Crop tool" to crop blank photo parts.

Remaining holes you can fix using "Spot Healing Brush Tool[/font]
[font="Motiva Sans", Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif][Image: D0C26073570ADF49136C17CAB087FE2C8F645CA2]"
[font="Motiva Sans", Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]Last step

Now save this to your Desktop (CTRL+SHIFT+S) as *.jpg file and upload to your Steam profile artwork. Then take likes
[Image: ED711E05CF651C8FE8DD23B150B48517F464A4C9]
[font="Motiva Sans", Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]Afterword

If this guide helped you, please like it and also send an award if you don't regret it.
Good luck, gamer![/font]

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