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How to mass delete addons.

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07-01-2021, 09:55 PM
this be redundant now, there is an unsubscribe all button now. Also, if you don't have too many addons, you can just do meu_cleanupgmas in the console in game, I manually deleted because I had 892 addons before and menu_cleanup would crash my game.
Why to do this?
Well, if you play GMOD, chances are you have a bunch of addons. These can be fun to play around and edit, but eventually, you will want to get rid of a lot of them. Here is how to do it quickly.
Start Unsubscribing from crap.
OK, so now you will have to unsubscribe from everything you don't want, or think is outdated, and just want to get rid of. So go into the GMOD workshop, and enter YOUR subscribed items, it should be in Browse> Subscribed items. Go there, and you will see everything you are subscribed too. If you are like me and have 200+ addons, go down to the bottom of the page, where it says per page, and click the 30 button. It will reload the page, and now click the unsubscribe button as fast as you can(or just unsubscribe from stuff you don't want. ) But for mass deleting, just click the button as you go down. After your done unsubscribing on a page, don't click thenext button, reload it, and repeat this.

Now we actually delete all the stuff you don't need.
So now that you are unsubscribed to the stuff, it is still in your folder. So to free up some space, go into Steam client bootstrapper, right-click Garry's Mod, go into properties, go to local files, browse local files> garrysmod>addons.

Now select everything in there,

and press the delete button.

After wards, if you deleted some of the addons you want to keep, just pen up gmod and it will download and install them for you again, as long as you didn't unsubscribe from them.

Now enjoy your vanilla Gmod, or whatever you wanted.

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